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Poll: Would you swap carriers to get hold of RIMs hottest new device?

As you are all probably aware by now, the new BlackBerry Storm will only be available on a few networks worldwide.

My question here is, are you prepared to swap to that carrier if it means getting hold of RIMs hottest new device ?? 

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  1. I already switched from AT&T to Verizon for the storm – after 48 hours I was paralyzed by the inability the Storm had at performing the most basic tasks and I sent it back, had my # ported back to AT&T and bought the Bold.

    The Bold blows the storm away – except in it's physical size.

    This transition of porting and reporting my number, sending back the phone etc., cost me $0. Since I was back to AT&T within 60 days I did not get hit with an early termination fee and Verizon only charges you for plan per day and a full refund for the storm including shipping with less than 30 days.

    The Storm was the worst phone I ever had. The learning curve to retrain your mind was steep and I have had several BB's including the original Pager version.

    Go with the Bold.

  2. I tried both the Storm and the Bold and I like the Bold better. It's an upgrade from my Curve and the Storm needs some work before it's as appealing as the iPhone. I'm waiting for the second generation of touch screen phones because I refuse to sell my soul to Apple.

  3. I have heard the Storm is coming to AT&T next year and it should have Wi-Fi.

    Also the "Magnum" is suppose to be announced in May. I might just wait for that.

  4. Already on Verizon so not switching. If I could get a Bold I would, the keyboard is SWEET. But no way I'm switching to ATT to get one.

  5. I am currently with Alltel and am waiting to see where the merger will take us. BB plans with VZ are a little high and I take full advantage of Alltel’s MyCircle 20.

    The potential costs of overages if switching to VZ without MyCircle are too great to change just for a phone.

  6. Nope, no way,and not that’s what I have to say….lol

  7. I am on Sprint and they are really making me mad and making me mad is not what I really want to say right now, they have not even released any news about anything Blackberry related, I only know one person that is going to get the nextel blackberry, I am so tempted to switch to verizon because of the Storm, But they will charge me extra for the blackberry service compared to the everything plan Sprint has

  8. Other: Will wait till my contract's nearly up then switch carriers… (am vaguely frugal)

  9. No way. Verizon plans are kinda steep, the phone has issues, and well, tmo just put out the samsung behold. (still can’t bear to think of parting with my crackberry for a different phone even if it is touch and has a 5 Megapixel camera, although its an alternative to the storm.)

  10. My contract was up with verizon and I went ahead and dumped my razer for the storm. Wasn’t sure which phone I wanted but def wanted something better than the razer and would have switched carriers. Thankfully I’ve never had a BB before so no relearning curve and even with warts of 1st generation I’m satisfied so far.

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