RIM Gives Mobile Site a Makeover

RIM did a complete makeover to their mobile site and launched it live some time today. As I opened up the browser I noticed the new add-ons…one of which was Nobex radio companion download which gives access to a list of more than 2700 radio stations across the U.S. Nobex uses data to stream music for free to your phone, working with either wifi or through mobile data.

The software play list looks just like the iTunes library by utilizing images that you can scroll through. Now that RIM has begun to be more friendly towards consumers it has added a lot more media capabilities to their devices in order to attract more customers. After all, the Blackberry smart phone is by far the most customizable smart phone out there.

You can even assign special ringtones to each contact and create exceptions something the iPhone really lacks. With these new updated mobile site users will have much more options at their finger tips.  It has also added an application with a music store for users to buy and download songs straight to their Blackberry. So check out the mobile site and let us know what new things you find.

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  1. This article is not about the BB Mobile site (in title only) but about Nobex, which has been reviewed already twice this year on BerryReview.com. Nobex promises much but I never found it delivered well enough to keep around.

  2. Funny but Nikolaus is right. Both about the article and Nobex. I have Nobex on my phone but am disappointed by the limited number of stations available. I can't seem to figure out how they choose the stations they feature, as there are several which aren't digital stations (to my knowledge) and several others which stream on-line but are not featured. Meh.

  3. Funny because I am right? Who are you, my political adversary?

  4. I spent four hours on the phone w/ATT to get this to work. It didn"t. No matter what station I put in on I never received any music of any kind, so what good is it. I did contact Nobex with my problem looking for possibly another solution and no one every got back to me. I was very disappointed.

  5. this app is pretty cool! Works great on the Bold.

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