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Review: Otterbox – The Mom’s Point of View!

[Rating: 10]

I have learned 2 things while owning a BlackBerry. As a BlackBerry addict, I have come to the conclusion that my precious 8120 needs to be protected at all times (&^%$, another darn scratch. Hurry! Find my soft towel! It needs to be buffed!). As a mother, I have come to the conclusion that my precious 8120 needs to be protected at all times from my 3 and 7 year old daughters. So when I found out that Otterbox has a Defender case that (according to YouTube, personal results may vary) can withstand just about everything minus a UPS truck, I decided that this was the case for me.

Imagine my excitement when I saw the UPS truck stop in front of my apartment to deliver my Otterbox. Now, before this, I had only a cheap plastic case that I picked up at the mall. I didn’t like it because you could see the scratches on the case and I was worried that one bad drop or bump would shatter the case rendering my precious Berry damaged.

I opened the bright yellow Otterbox packaging and found that protecting my Berry would be a three step process. The package came with a clear membrane to protect the keys and screen which needed a credit card or something of a similar nature for the application. The instructions say to use a teeny teeny bit of soap and water. Do it. It helps when taking the bubbles from the screen. The membrane should line up on the keys almost perfectly.

Then the next step is to snap on the hard plastic case. This case is very durable. Not like the cheap case I already had. Make sure to listen for all the snaps while closing the case. There is about 2 snaps per side. Once its all snapped together, you notice it already feels stronger.

The final layer is the silicone cover. All you need to do it stretch it over the hard plastic case and VOILA! Your Berry is now in complete tank protection mode.

Also included with the Otterbox case is a belt clip. The belt clip has a magnet that will put your BlackBerry into sleep mode. BONUS!

I have just recently become a klutz. Meaning that I’ve already dropped my BlackBerry about half a dozen times and the most recent is when I missed the roof of my car and it dropped straight to the floor. I just glanced at it and laughed because I already knew there was nothing wrong with it. And I am not afraid when my kids or niece or nephews get a hold of it because I know it’s protected like Fort Knox.

I totally recommend Otterbox to everyone who have kids or do anything that might put their BlackBerry at risk of being dropped or otherwise destroyed. You can get Otterboxes for not only your BlackBerry but also other devices at

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  1. Nothing like carrying a GI Joe Army phone look a like in your pocket everywhere you go! Blahhhh.

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