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LifeInPocket…now has support for the Blackberry

Thanks to the folks at Pinstack.Com, I just noticed that LifeInPocket™ The Free mobile suite application now works with RIM Devices. I haven’t downloaded this application to my Blackberry so I can’t comment personally but if any of you decide to give it a try, let the rest of us know what you think in the comments!

In the meantime, here’s some information that came from the press release:
“RoadComm, Inc. recently made available its LifeInPocket mobile suite ( to RIM’s BlackBerry smart phones.

Free of charge, LifeInPocket will upgrade BlackBerries with a greater array of functionality than the iPhone. Those features include GPS, navigation, location messaging, friends/family locator, and much more.

With little or no learning curve, no hardware or software to buy, and no binding contracts, LifeInPocket effectively transcends the iPhone.

LifeInPocket offers one of the most advanced turn-by-turn navigation prompts with voice guidance. That modality allows for far-safer, hands-free navigation. Utilizing synced address book and its unique online trip planning tool, LifeInPocket Navigation virtually eliminated the need for typing on tiny keyboards and surpassed those expensive phone navigation services and personal navigation devices available today.

Besides maps, weather, PIM, traffic report, parking, roadside assistance and WiFi hotspots, LifeInPocket(TM) offers a GPS/address-based directory with more than 15 million points of interest (POIs). Not only with the most comprehensive POIs database, LifeInPocket users can view other visitors’ reviews and ratings as recent as minutes ago before venturing to unfamiliar restaurants, car repair shops, towing services or other businesses.

The only mobile application/services platform of its kind, LifeInPocket™ symbolizes the next generation of application and services that offer the power of top-of-the-line smart phones to regular cell phones, and make smart phones smarter.

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  1. It has it limits to phones and carries.

  2. I could not find an OTA install link. Anyone?

  3. Cool. Unless you use Verizon. But anyone tried it on a Storm yet?

  4. i sure wish everyone, from application developers to hardware retailers, would quit comparing their product to the iPhone. the constant claims of one's software, phone, media player, toilet seat, etc. being an "iPhone killer" is just getting out of hand and only reinforces the impact the iPhone really has made on the market despite the naysayers.

    this may be an excellent application, but to be carrier limited doesnt help its cause. add to it their marketing department feeling the need to compare it favorably against the iPhone's suite of preinstalled applications and you just feel like the app will be an underperformer right from the start; if it's that good, silly claims dont need to be made as the software will speak for itself.

    simply put, the Blackberry has its target audience and it serves it very, very well. same in regards to the iPhone. it should be left at that.

    i personally got rid of my personal Blackberry Curve recently for an iPhone and i must say it's as good as the hype; this was reinforced recently as i tried to migrate my other Curve to a Storm and was completely and utterly letdown, which is putting it mildly. the stellar multimedia and internet capabilities of the iPhone really are second to none no matter how biased i am towards my Curve and fit my needs better for my personal, every day phone.

    either way, i think my post has far exceeded the scope of my original intent. ha.

    on a side note: it's cool to see you guys have migrated to IntenseDebate to handle the comment system. i've been an ID user for a while now on another website that uses it, so it caught me a bit off-guard when i first attempted to post this. too bad my normal user name was taken long ago, so i have to use this one… but i'm still the same old "oakie".


  5. It support all carriers except Verizon who blocks GPS API. I tried LifeInPocket with both my Nokia Phone and Blackberry they both work very well. The navigation is very precise. For some reason, they have less icons for Blackberry.

    For your information, iPhone cannot be used for navigation and missing many features offered by LifeInPocket.

  6. And it support almost every phones except iPhone. In their web site, they claim that they will support iPhone.

  7. I downloaded to my Sprint BlackBerry Curve, the process was easy and took only seconds.

    It’s surprisingly high quality in all aspects, nice iPhone like icons, easy to use, clear and beautiful navigation voice instruction, unique power management and location message.

    The nearby business/restaurants search comes with users comments and rating which is very practical and useful.

    It has much more feature than those $10 per month navigation services, better and easier to use. You can use BB address book, trip planning tool or online address book for navigation. I imported my address book from Gmail and works great.

    My brothe’s AT&T Bold and my sister’s Pearl all work well. The best thing is I only have Sprint’s $15/month data plan (not $30 BB plan) and it works.

  8. With the recent unlocking of GPS access on Verizon, it would be nice if these folks would submit their app for certification with Verizon so it will work for us too!

    • Just as Julia mentioned, it’s very high quality and better than Telenav.
      I love it’s location messaging, send gps locatin to friends and they can click on the location to navigate to my location to meet me via voice instruction.
      It works with my AT&T Curve and the new Verizon Storm.
      FYI, theeir new version is even better with nice pictures in their reviews.

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