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BlackBerry Storm vs Apple iPhone comparo.

No I don’t have a BlackBerry Storm yet but some people in the blog-i-sphere have been lucky enough to run these two side by side. 

The Unofficial Apple Weblog have done a great job with a side by side comparo (being an Apple site, I was surprised they didn’t rip into the Storm too hard. 🙂 ). Anyway, I’m not going to take any credit for this one or cut and paste from their site (apart from a borrow of their picture above. As I said, I don’t have a Storm to take a picture of). I will just post the link and let you all check it out if you’re interested. Link:The Blackberry Storm – An iPhone ‘Killer’?


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  1. Peer pressure, which should not be but the end result is that “They are pulling an Apple”Perhaps equally to blame is is, the public that demand the goods. We too should take a step back.

  2. The comments after the article show the typical Apple only attitude of some folks. I like Macs, I like PCs, I like iPods, I like BlackBerrys, I think the iPhone is ok. I love my wife and family. Never did love a device yet. 🙂

  3. All companies release products too early, even Apple. How many iPhone updates showed up within two weeks of release. How many folks took it back because of problems? A lot. We get beta products all the time as release versions.

  4. Why is Rim having Such trouble getting their stuff out the door in ready form, they are an Amazing Company with the best SmartPhone product around, solid, performance, good fell and comfort and reliable…until recently when it started its consumer push, we all want the next best thing, and we all want to be early adopters , but I think they need to pull back and come at this differently.

    Rim I love YA

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  5. Your right we too should step back, its getting to the point we got to with the PC demanding a new chip every 6 months, the smartphone industry will be outdating it self

    A truly Social Network for Blackberry Users and Abusers

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