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Beat the Cops at their Own Game

image For those of you who are traveling this Thanksgiving weekend, you might be worried about making good time due to the ridiculous number of speed traps that WILL be out. Well Trapster might be able to help you out. Now we are not advocating speeding in any way shape or form, but just in case the pumpkin pie takes a little longer than you expected and you have to make up a little time on the highway, you can enlist the help of over 200,000 fellow speeders motorists to find out where the speed traps are.

Using the GPS on your berry, Trapster will give you an audible alert when you are approaching a reported speed trap. They even make it easy to report a speed trap that you happen to come across (hopefully without incident). With one touch reporting you can help your fellow brethren avoid the popo too.

Check it out here.

Oh and for those of us who have BlackBerrys that block your GPS you can use Trapster’s toll free tip line, and receive alerts via text messages with maps to show where the police are hiding.

For more information and to get started visit the Trapster website here.

God Speed Travelers! Let us know how it works for you!

As a bonus, Trapster just announced that they are now supporting the Storm! Just in time for turkey day. Gobble Gobble!

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  1. That is the kind of thing that makes me seriously wonder what the hell is wrong with people. Speed limits exist FOR A REASON. Instead of keeping track of speed traps, how about just driving within the limits and not worrying at all? Come on, how much time are you going to "save" by stepping harder and risking getting a ticket or possibly losing your life? And what are you REALLY going to do with the extra couple of minutes IF you actually manage to gain that much? When you get there, look around you and see what happens in the first couple of minutes. See? You wouldn't be missing that much, would you? Just take your time and drive safe, dammit.

  2. REALLY? A gps app the is NOT VZNav what works with a Verizon GPS’d Blackberry? Can anyone confirm it rellay works with the GPS?

  3. This is great. I will be honest, I do speed sometimes but only when it is JUST me on the road. Usually very late at night. This application is great, the two times I have gotten speeding tickets in my life I was in traffic and just happened to be the one. Things like this are great for people who do a LOT of driving or commuting to get a bit of warning and try to save the pocket book a few bucks. Just like a radar detector, who says we are going to speed intentional sometimes just going with traffic will get you so things like this are great.

  4. This is cool. Kill a family ’cause the pumpkin pie takes a little longer than expected, while driving on one of the most traveled days of the year! Totally worth the jail-time.

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