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Free True iPod, iPod Shuffle Plus & Leopard Today Plus for the Bold

For those of us into themes, we know right well who theme designer ecruz is as he develops some of the most unique themes out there. Now he’s targeting the Bold and has gone full force with three, that’s right…three truly great looking themes for the Bold. Unfortunately I cannot give a full detail of these themes as I don’t have a Bold to test it on. However, going by video and screenshots alone, these themes could easily be premium…yet they are all Free!

First is True iPod which is aptly named as it’s design is based on the iPod/iPhone design. I personally love the overall set up of this theme. There’s a video you can watch which shows the theme best but screenshots are also below.

The second theme is called iPod Shuffle Plus. I’m really wishing this was available for the Curve. I love the space like images. Here’s a video you can watch. Screenshots are below.

And finally, Leopard Today Plus with it’s striking images and unique side icon bar on the main screen. Video shows you theme in action as well as screenshots.

ecruz has these themes posted on both (in Miscellaneous Themes) and also at PimpMyBerry.Com at ‘9XXX (BOLD) Pimpin Themes’ under ‘Pimp System Themes’. Bold users, I wouldn’t delay in getting these themes….enjoy!

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  1. thanks vicky. Plus 6 new hot bold themes at pimpmyberry. VistaRing, AppleRing BlackberryTeekRing, Alienware Project X, Sweetheart Codename Corinne and finally FaceintheCrowd theme all for the bold. Go check them out vicky has the links and videos to all my bold themes hopefully they would show up here this week. Im pimpmyberry exclusive now. Will post at crackberry also but mostly at pimpmyberry. Thanks to everyone that loves my theme.

  2. Wow what happened to all the comments?

  3. No disrespect to the creator of the theme. Great job on it! But we're protesting the creation of any more "Apple/iPhone" look a like themes. Let's get more unique with it. I think your Alienware Project X is hot, as well as the FaceintheCrowd theme. Matter of fact, check out now if you like!

  4. I agree with you with the ipod themes are over played and leopard but there are new blackberry users everyday and you need to cater to the new crowd. I love my new themes alienware and sweetheart and faceinthecrowd a lot hope to tweak and fix minor issues soon.

  5. I’m issues here with phone trying leave comments weird.I don’t have bold getting one to see how the actually looks and works. Feedback are always open help me learn and improve

  6. I know, there was like six posted comments prior to two and a half hours ago… what's going on?

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