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Soocial Beta – Sync Your BlackBerry Contacts With Outlook, OSX, Gmail, & Highrise

soocial Tashanna let me know about a cool application that was mentioned on TechCrunch and then yanked for some reason. The application looks pretty cool. The idea is to sync your contacts with everything! No word on if it will be free after beta but you never know with startups.

UPDATE: It looks like they are claiming to have BlackBerry support but I cannot seem to find the application for it yet. All I see are promises that it is coming soon. Let me know if you find it!

So far it does:

  • Outlook Contact Sync – For the first time get your contacts in and out of Outlook, keep it in sync, hassle-free.
  • BlackBerry Contact Sync – Sync your contacts with BlackBerry – safe, fast and battery saving.
  • OS X Address Book – Sync your Macintosh with all other connected device or web applications.
  • Gmail Contact Sync – Synchronize your Gmail contacts with all other connected devices.
  • Highrise – Sync your work contacts with 37signals‘ popular CRM tool. Syncing with Highrise means your work contacts will be available in any of your connected devices.

Also features include:

  • Webapp – We also offer a web application for you to manage your contacts. Here you also manage your connected devices and third party web applications.
  • Automatic backups – Automatically have up-to-date backups of all your contacts. If you lose or upgrade your mobile or Mac, all it takes are a couple of clicks to restore.
  • API access – Integrate any application so its contacts are in sync with your devices. All clients that access and use the API are seen as syncing devices in the Soocial ecosystem.
  • OAuth based API – We support OAuth authentication so you can allow external applications to access your contacts in a manner that doesn’t require you to reveal your Soocial username or password.
  • Delete means delete! – Soocial has an easy come, easy go policy. If you want to leave, all you have to do is delete your account, all data corresponding to your account will be removed.

Check it out at

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  1. “They will have to be patient, though, as the release of the Blackberry client is planned for the coming weeks”

  2. Nope, it doesn’t support Blackberry in any way, shape or form that I can see. Aggravating that they’re advertising it that way.

  3. Maybe santa came early this year

  4. I found the same thing, except after i downloaded it didnt work. Looks like they are close though!

    Also this page is cool

    it will come

  5. There is currently another program already on the market that can not only sync your contacts but also you calendar and tasks/notes with outlook and Black berry. The program is open source and therefore free and the works with most email providers. For more information check out:

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