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Review: Smart Skin From Case Mate for the BlackBerry Curve/Pearl

100_1446 Review: Smart Skin From Case Mate for the BlackBerry Curve/Pearl
Price: $19.99  @

Thanks to the guys over at case mate I’ve had the chance to try out the new Smart Skin for the BlackBerry Curve/Pearl that Case Mate recently added to their line of products.

I’ve have used some skins on my Curve in the past since I don’t always like to carry a holster and by far this is one of the best available. Its sleek carbon fiber pattern design gives it a nice style.

100_1443 .100_1444

What really makes this skin stand out is the laser cut keyboard cover that they implemented which not only protects the keyboard from dust but also makes it really smooth to type.

At first it took me a few minutes to get used to the keyboard cover which really just feels like the regular keyboard but a lot smoother. It takes away some of the pressure from your fingers as you type or at least that’s how it feels to me when I type on it. even though your phone is completely covered Case Mate also added buttons for the side keys as well so it doesn’t take away the accessibility of the convenience keys on the side.  The keyboard cover is an exact replica of the buttons your BlackBerry comes with. An added perk is that even if you type at night the keyboard backlight still shows up on the buttons for you to see what you are pressing.


The Smart Skin also has cut out openings for every thing like the camera, the LED alerts light, speakers, USB port etc.  for easy access. They also include a screen protector which you should definitely use to avoid any scratches on your berry, I been using one of their screen protectors since I got my Curve and it has never come off though the screen protector itself has gotten a few scratches of its own and may need to be replaced in due time.



  • Stylish Carbon fiber pattern design
  • protects entire device+screen protector
  • Laser Etched Keyboard Protection (smooth to type with)
  • Feels really nice in your hands
  • Easy to take off
  • doesn’t make your berry bulky
  • provides protection from minor impacts or scratches
  • Does not hinder functionality or access to convenience keys
  • Comes in two colors Black or a light grey


  • The only con I found was that sometimes when your navigating with the trackball your thumb tends rub against the skin which eventually you get used to it.

Overall this is a really nice design specially for those that tend to have their BB on their hand 24/7 and don’t like to use  a holster to carry it.

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