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Hot! Bold OS & Javelin OS Found Online

Thanks to our secret agent 019 we just got links to the Bold OS The new .190 is a pretty significant version bump from .167… He also sent us OS for the yet to be released BlackBerry 8900 Javelin if you happen to have your grubby hands on one…

Bold OS

Javelin OS

Let us know what you find in the new OS versions in the comments below. Thanks again 019 and keep the tips coming!

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. i love u guys thanks!

  2. Wow, that’s a big jump from .167 to .190.

    Thanks guys!

  3. Anybody installed this version? Does this version support Chinese? Thanks…

  4. i dl and install it right now and it works very well. Mermory leak seems improved. 3G Network are much more stable (O2germany)than with the .167 or .168. Overall Performance very good. Accu duration stiil testing.

  5. yo Ron do u know its possible to put the javelin’s O.S on my 8310 w/o bricking it?

  6. Sadly you cannot interchange OS versions between devices

  7. dats sucks….i’ll prolly upgrade to the bold next two weeks.
    thanks tho’

  8. Thx… grabbing it now… moving up from .168 and looking forward to improvements

  9. I’ve notice great inprovements on the memory aspect of it from .168 use to have nothing now even with heavy use I have on average 30mb free

  10. I have the problem with the -190 release that my background wallpapers don’t seem to fit anymore. Now they are all too small.

    If I pick the “waterfalls f.e. they don’t fill the whole screen anymore. Even if I select “zoom”.

    What is the case with this release and the wallpaper images?
    Anyone out there with a solution??

    Thanks in advance,

  11. @ Adrian
    Please zoom in before you set as background. Hope that helps..

  12. @Amir.
    Thank You for Your suggestion.
    Zooming in dos not really help. On the left and right sides there remain black borders.
    I have looked further into it and it looks like not all images have the format 320×240 anymore. Some do have and there’s no problem using them as wallpaper on the front page.
    But not the “waterfalls” I like most.
    In the meantime I have wiped my BB and reinstalled version .126 with the correct preloaded images.
    Is there an option to backup those images, install .190 again and the restore the backed up images??
    Best regards,

  13. The link is giving the following error: “This content is not authorized for viewing.” Any suggestions???? Can someone post the bold OS in a different location?

  14. this one is east asian version it should have chinese or korean or japanese characters

  15. I had trouble downloading it from RapidShare so I had my friend upload it for me on a new site. Heres the link for anyone that has trouble with the link above:

    This is way faster than RapidShare. Im getting ready to install right now 🙂

  16. have noticed that with this os streaming audio bluetooth dose skip, unlike .167… but there is 30 mb or so free…. anyone else encountered this?

  17. i download it without problem but when i click on it to install it it sais error reading setup initillization file PLEASE HELP!

  18. @4den

    Thanks for posting the link for the Asian version of the 190 firmware…

    Is there a megaupload link for the file? Rapidshare is not allowing me to download the file after downloading the English version..

  19. Edward check the comments above yours. I posted a link to get the OS from megaupload.

    So far so good, I’ve been running the OS for couple hours.
    Battery life got way better, best build until this day.

  20. How about 9500 OS links? anyone have anything newer than!! Thanks

  21. just installed and it’s running great. one small finding after 5min testing, nothing big, in pictures thumbnail view is not working. it only show a picture of an icon but no thumbnail.

  22. Alright, so far so good. I don’t have the screen issue that someone remarked.

    How has it been working for you who have had it longer than me? What should I look for? What benefits can I expect in terms of speed, stability, more available memory, etc.?

    Thanks, folks. I love my Bold! 😉

  23. Looks like my email got messed up.

    I cannot reply to emails anymore.
    My Bold treats every email as meeting invitation now and I have only “Accept” a.s.o. as commands available, but not “Answer” a.s.o..

    Is that a .190 problem?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    best regards,

  24. Well, I've been running this OS for over a day and I have some interesting feedback…
    GPS: stopped working…I have no idea why that happened but I can't get a lock on my position anymore and it's not responding after refreshing or turning on/off.
    Memory: way better, stable around 14 MB after intense use…but my problem was with the GPS, and since that's not working…hmmm
    Speed: very slow…I hate to say that but the response time from unlocking to locking is BAD…like 4 secs.
    Conc: I'm downgrading to the original ATT firmware…although the 168 was better, but I'd rather live with the original now till something solid comes out for the Bold.
    .168 is definitely better that .167 (ATT version) but, oh well…

  25. After reading Everyone post, i have made myself a check list and will test everything i can think of , i am Testing a Rogers Bold upgrading from .168

    I tested all pictures on SD and Pre-loaded pictuers, all came up full screen, and are able to access and view all of them.
    E-mails work fine, they have all functions like they should, full list of optiions, and able to reply and send.
    After a Restart i had 52 free megs of memory, after launching all the progams, im averaging mid 40s.
    I got a GPS lock after about 2 minutes ( inside, at night, Thick cloud + rain )
    Solid 3G connectivity, been solid 5 bar reception, dropping to 4 once or twice, then back up to 5 (inside basement suite) Internet loads fast.

    Wifi connected with in 10 seconds, Steaming bluetooth to my wireless Motorola S9 headset for about 20 minutes + wifi on without a single skip.

    That concludes my Run through, I cant find a single flaw, i have tested everything i could posibly thnk of , running 3-4 programs at once, trying to provoke a slow down, Restart or slowdown, nothing…
    Seems very Solid

  26. i have a rogers device on tmobile USA and im having a few problems.

    i keep losing EDGE signal and emails are also coming in very slowly. ofter 5+ minutes late or much more. Opera and Viigo also are having problems connecting over EDGE. Wifi seems to work fine for opera.

    good news being memory leak seems to be fixed

  27. How about 3G signal? Does it keep on 3G or revert to EDGE?Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

  28. Rapidshare link is dead…anyone else got a link for the 190 OS?

  29. I have been using the new software for a few days now and everything is stable. Stronger 3G signal, better life and memory stability. I am using AT&T and the OS is much better than .167. Overall I have been happy with .190. Also web browsing has been increased.

  30. 4den, how come the bold 9000 east asia version bumped into some error during installation? error 1335, stating that cabinet folder '' is corrupt. any help?

  31. Agreed. I've been running it for 2 days now, and every last app works. As far as the thumbnails in Media, one big improvement is how lightning fast the thumbnails load!! Snappier, faster, stable. Great OS on a great device. Loving it. 😉

  32. Scratch that last part of my previous post…I'm running .168 now…
    .167 rebooted on it's own and….well I suppose .168 is my only option for now…

  33. Well that stinks. The East Asian version works, but that's not friggin helpful.

  34. Using this new OS .190 for couple of days now. Everything is much more stable and fast than the previous one.
    Moreover Battery Life has been increased a lot. Now goes for 2 days + without a recharge. Before I used to charge my Bold daily.

  35. i had to return my Bold, I had a feeling that it wasn't working properly….and I got the back door replaced on it because it was defective…yes on the new one too…
    currently I'm running .167 as ATT recommends and I'll wait for something official….I'm a big beta fan but…i don't know why I won't try this firmware again, probably not good for me…most people had better than than I had…

  36. both the mega upload and rapid share links are dead……… there any other links,tq

  37. Can anyone repost the software update? Or if someone has it, send to me i can repost it.

  38. can anyone tell me where to download it? ..please send it to me

  39. Links are still dead, anyone know where to get them??

  40. I am getting it off the BlackBerry website.… Look under Europe and find AVEA. They are shipping with .190 on them

  41. Strangely the link above added a . to the end of it.

  42. the link is not working… can anyone help?

    Javelin OS

  43. yes< can anyone post another link for this ? its not working anymore

  44. On the FW vibration wont work… searching for the which I had bevor

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