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OS 4.6: BlackBerry Messenger Features That I Just Noticed…

Recently I have been using BlackBerry Messenger more on my Bold and I ran into a few features that I did not even know existed. Forgive me if this is just a reiteration of something you have read before but I have really been digging into the Bold recently to discover all of these new updates that came with OS 4.6. Some of them are just plain nice to know and others really impressed me. I looked at Kevin’s prerelease review from back in May and Douglas’s review @ BBCool and did not notice them mentioned back then so maybe they only showed up in the final release version. Could be I was just living underneath a rock but this just shows that RIM is still working on BlackBerry Messenger.

Send your GPS location to a friend – Seriously I have been asking for this forever. I just wish you could request GPS locations from friends… (Requires GPS)


Broadcast a message to all your open conversations – Pretty cool idea but still unsure of how or if I will use it. Great way to say “GTG to the bathroom” 🙂

Boldfeatures[2] Boldfeatures[5]

New invite others to conversation screen – Very easy way to just check which friends you want to add to the conversation compared to the older select one at a time way.


Let your status show if you are on the phone or what you are listening to – Others mentioned this feature but I thought I would reiterate it. Due to the ability for 3G to use data while on a call this feature is extremely useful. It can change your status to being on a call when you are on the phone which EDGE or EVDO only devices could not do.


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  1. I wish 4.5 had that. When will we see 4.6 builds for the rest of the 83XX series? 8350 already has it.

  2. What if you don’t have bb maps installed and someone sends you their gps locatin?

  3. I think it sends them an image. It keeps on pinging you so I think it may continue to track your location. I went into the subway after successfully sending my location and it kept on saying that my location and internet connection were unavailable so it could not resend my location again… Weird

  4. hii i updated my bold to 4.6 today but blackberry messenger lost :((((( i cant find it help pls

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