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BerrySpeedy – Test The Speed Of Your BlackBerrys Internet Connection Free! Let Us Know Your Speed

BerrySpeedy is a free app that acts as a speed test for your BlackBerrys internet connection. I can’t vouch for the validity of the speed test but the reported speeds on my AT&T Bold on 3G in New York City were just pitiful, all below the 15KB/second range. That’s as slow or slower than a dial up connection!

You can pick up the application OTA free at (Thanks Alex @ DeltaTech for sending this one in!)

Report back in the comments with your speeds, transports, carrier, Device, and location!

My speeds are below:

berryspeedy[2] berryspeedy[3]

berryspeedy[4] berryspeedy[5]

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  1. This app doesn’t want to work on my CDMA 8330. Huh.

  2. Doesn’t work with my AT&T Bold. Huh.

  3. Doesn’t work on my cdma pearl!

  4. No luck here either. Been “loading” for nearly an hour now. 8330 CDMA.

  5. Verizon 8130 — same prob, sits at the “loading” stage

  6. On my 8320 when running the test it just says “Loading…” without any end. I guess I have no speed 😛

  7. Doesn’t work on t mobile on edge. Runs and runs with no result.

  8. No workie. VZW 8330

  9. Doesn’t work on my Rogers Bold either

  10. Same issue on a telus 8830. I guess this program is a little “buggy” still.

  11. Weird. It worked like a charm on my AT&T bold on 3G a few hours ago…

  12. Rogers Bold-ATT network 3g not working just says loading on bis-b and tcp, tried different sizes also.

  13. Same issue on my 8320…just loading. If you would like to check your phone’s performance, go to:

    I clicked on the “Shuttle + Text” (755k) using Edge near Atlantic City NJ.

    My throughput: was 306.

    This works on your home computers as well…enjoy!


  14. Yep…same problem on my os 4.5 curve. Just keeps loading forever.

  15. Well done Bruce! I also used using the “Shuttle + Text” (755k) using 8320 on WiFi near Dallas Tx and my throughput was 208 K. My laptop of course was 3593 K 🙂

  16. Installed on my 8830, Appalachian Wireless carrier…. OS still loading after 2 minutes…

  17. Ok with the toast website….
    In Eastern Kentucky on 8830 BIS Service
    Shuttle and Text: 115k
    Carrier: Appalachian Wireless

  18. no workee, even on smallest kb setting on my ATT Curve, therefore deleted.

  19. Didn’t work on my pearl 8120 with edge or wifi connections.

  20. Does’t work on the bold.

  21. Keep loading on Bold.

  22. Didn’t work for me either. Pearl 8120. Tried wifi also. No go.

  23. My bad guys.. I accidently shutted down the server… it should be working now…. Try again.. and if you’re experencing issues just let me know.. ill be keeping track of this page and at the thread of blackberryforums

  24. BIS-B on Verizon 8830 in Richmond on the edge of EVDO reception

    Average of 687ms and 9KB/s for 500KB. Same speed for TCP with 10KB

    Jason Emerick

  25. Not working on 8310 with OS

  26. It just worked! 12-13kbs on A&T in Commerce, CA. That looks dreadfully slow.

  27. 8320 Curve on T-Mobile Edge Speed 1 KB/S. I know it’s not that slow. On WiFi it’s 57 KB/S.

  28. Verizon 8830 running in Northern Virgina. TCP 500k I saw anywhere from 30KB/s to 70KB/s, BIS-B 500k ran 8-14KB/s.

  29. Working now. With 8120 wifi 40kb.

  30. T-Mo 8320, OS 4.5.93
    All using 1 megabyte setting
    WiFi – 70 kb/s
    BIS – 18 kb/s
    TCP – 26 kb/s

  31. Just to let you know guys.. the method I used to calculate the download speed.. is like a stopwatch… i record a start time.. send X data, stop the watch, and calculate upon that… so there can be some variables that would affect the results, like:

    1) apps currently running
    2) coverage
    3) network

  32. Hi! 8100 edgé ón MOVISTAR ecuador. Os, i tést for a 500Kb packagé get 5Kb
    Before I run the test, I uninstall any app like viigo, vringo, logout windows messenger.
    I got 1kb when test a 10kb package…. Rear

  33. 8320,, tmo, tulsa
    bis: 13kbs
    tcp: 15kbs

  34. Alltel 8830, OS
    Salina, KS

    Using 1 megabyte setting
    BIS – 14 KB/S
    TCP – 45 KB/S

  35. speeds: 10KB/S
    transports: BIS-B
    carrier: T-Mobile
    Device: Pearl 8100, running
    Location: Bronx, NY

  36. Speeds: 120KB/S – 1M – TCP, 23KB/S – 1M- BIS-B
    Carrier: Verizon Wireless
    Device Pearl 8130, running
    Location: Blacksburg, VA

  37. BB 8830
    Harrisburg, PA
    BIS-B: 13 KB/S
    TCP: 34 KB/S

  38. Device: Curve 8330
    Carrier: Sprint
    Location: Toledo, OH
    Download Size: 1 Mb
    BIS-B: 13 KB/S
    TCP: 108 KB/S

  39. Device: Curve 8330
    Carrier: Sprint OS:
    Phoenix, AZ
    Download size: 1MB
    BIS-B: 18 KB/S
    TCP: 54 KB/S

  40. 8330 Sprint
    Mesquite, NV
    1MB download
    BIS-B 17
    TCP. 125
    WIFI. 83

  41. I just released an update….


    – Fixed some app hangs when the tunnel cant be created and/or server problems
    – Added an autoupdate check when apps starts.

  42. Ok guess today was a good day to work on this app…. 1.3 is out now


    – The program now sends some anonymous information about the device (carrier, country, cellid, signal strenght, network type, model number, OS). With this information now it will be possible to create some reports of speeds by carrier, country, or even how well a particular unit performs (ie 3G Blackberries). Expect a web page where all this information can be shown.
    – If no WIFI is available it now hides it from the transport list
    NOTE: If you are still using the 1.0, please update ASAP since for this version I had to upgrade the server core, which right now runs on another port.

  43. Rogers Bold
    Toronto, ON
    500K download
    BIS-B: 31
    TCP: 110

  44. Very nice Alex! Here I just came to the comments to make exactly such recommendations as you just added. Thanks you read my mind. Only thing I would add now is ability to automate repeat tests, son I have a “Run 1x” and a “Run 3x” button for example. And if you do the 3x, the result submitted is the average of the 3 runs. Of course a nice popup warning for the 3x run that “this could take a wgile, are you sure” would be nice too.

  45. Trasport: BlS-B
    Size of download 500K

    Speed: 24KB/S

    with a 8330 verzion

  46. Cannot load the program on my Cellular South (CDMA) 8830 (Gives: Error starting BerrySpeedy, Symbol, ‘DeviceInfo.getSoftwareVersion’ not found.). But that website figured 167K. Where an ISDN line is 222-267K. Ugh. TCP on a BIS connection

  47. I get an endless “loading” message as well. Does the OTA link in the review get the newest version? It would be nice if the app gave a version number. Another quirk I noticed is that the icon does not change when I roll over it. I am using one of the included themes in 4.5-77

    8330 curve on vzw

  48. @Ed,
    If you go to your installed applications page in Status, the version you have of BerrySpeedy is displayed. And when I went to the page to get the 1.3 updated version, the site listed BerrySpeedy 1.3 as the version I’d be downloading. Not sure what you mean by “the icon does not change”…???

  49. Telus 8130 cmda

    (1m) min:414ms







    No wi-fi on this phone.

  50. Ah, right, got it. I am running version 1.3 and I do seem to still get the endless loading message whether I choose BIS-B or TCP and different file sizes. This running unofficial OS 4.5-77 on Verizon 8330

  51. The icon statement was regarding how the Icon appears on the home screen. Most icons will highlight or change somehow when you select them. it helps you know which Icon you are choosing. The Icon for this app never changes. Mind you, it’s a very minor thing but I thought I would mention in case there’s an easy fix.

  52. I see what you’re trying to explain.. its just a cosmetic enhancement.. but I’ll write them on the todo list for this app :)….

    So far I’ve recorded around 300 speed tests with version 1.3, which would give more information regaring speed by providers/countries/technologies… Please for the ppl that downloaded 1.0, redownload 1.3 and run the speedtest again, that will help get more data on the db and the reports will be a bit more representative of what ppl are getting out there..

  53. 8830WE
    Verizon Wireless- Montana

    1Meg -23KPS

    1Meg- 22KPS

  54. 8120 Pearl Tmo using 500k as download size

    BIS-B – 13 KB/S
    TCP – 26 KB/S
    Wifi – 270 KB/S

  55. 8830WE
    BIS-B 500k 18k
    TCP 500k 81k

  56. Blackberry 8330 V
    Verizon Clarksburg WV
    TCP 500K
    Min 371 ms
    Average 421 ms
    Max 761 ms
    Speed 15 Kb/s

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