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Verizon Pitching The Storm As "Perfect For Business"

When I first heard about the Storm going to Verizon I was unsure who they were planning on targeting the device towards. Would it be pitched as a consumer device or a business device? or both? Turns out that Verizon is marketing the Storm as perfect for business. It does have a certain appeal as a iPhone-like device that your sysadmins will actually let you connect to your work email server. It also is a world phone which means it looks like a logical successor to the business focused 8830 world phone. Only time will tell…

What do you think, is the Storm a consumer or business device?


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  1. Why can’t it be both? More and more we want to be able to do things wherever we are as a consumerist. Why should only the business people get the phones that can do that?

    Verizon, and a lot of other companies, would do well to recognize that the line between personal (i.e. consumerist) and business has practically disappeared. How many of you conduct business on your personal phone after hours? How many of you use your personal cell phone during business hours?

  2. In order to be a “perfect for business” device for many of us, the camera needs to go!

  3. Both…since the BES can disable the camera…what’s the big deal?

  4. I think its good for both. There are a lot of people at my company with the IPhone now that it hooks up with MS Exchange. These are VP and other big execs that have them although there are a few that will never give up their Blackberrys

  5. @KeNNethX: Even though the BES admin can disable the camera, it is not obvious to others. Competitors will not allow you to walk into their facilities with a “camera phone”, period.

  6. The camera is definitely a deal killer for many. Not to mention the fact that some people (including me) are wondering if a BlackBerry without a keyboard is still a BlackBerry. When I was reviewing the 8220 & the 8100 series it just felt like an inferior BlackBerry experience without the shortcut keys… 🙂 I hope RIM finds a way to incorporate them

  7. Have to agree with the “no camera” comments. It would be very hard for my business to jump on the Storm. VZW is going to have a hard time without a “no camera” Blackberry selling to gov’t and gov’t contractors. Of course it can be BES disabled, but the security guard at the gate or entrance isn’t going to know that. And yes’ I KNOW that camera phones get on bases all the time, but get caught with a camera and you will be wasting time and potentially lose your device for days while its cleared up that the camera is disabled. As much as I want a Curve or Storm, its what relegates me to an 8830 with no upgrade path in sight. I just don’t want the potential hassle.

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