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PeekaWho Email Alerts – New Beta Version 1.161

peekawho The guys at BBCool spotted the fact that the popular PeekaWho email application has been updated with a new beta. PeekaWho is a very useful email alerts application that gives you a popup for incoming email and SMS.

This new version 1.161 is a bit of a version bump over the previously mentioned 1.159. The current official version is 1.160 which can be found in the store along with its change log. There is a 7 day trial with the beta after which you can pick up the app in the store for $6.95.

OTA link to the beta: PeekaWho Beta 1.161

Change Log:

  • Confirm deletes
  • LED Alerts (LED will be on until popup disappear – you can turn off auto fade so the LED is be on until you manually dismiss it)
  • Mark as Read (new icon on the popup)
  • Added Bedside into the list of application filter
  • popup show even when locked
  • Title and Corp Name in the popup
  • Color on Subj and Body for easy read
  • Key Shortcuts while popup is showing (d for dismiss, i for inbox, del key for delete, f for follow, r for mark as read)
  • language support framework (working on the translation)

Known Issue:

  • International Language problem with RIM’s API. When in a language other than English, PeeKaPic will not lookup properly.
  • Also, Email Address Chooser in the email filter will not be able to add emails. We are working with RIM on this.

Thanks DavidB for sending this one in!

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  1. Is this supposed to sort/fix the voicemail alerts now? I want to be alerted of SMSs, but not the “network generated/hidden” ones that turn the voice mail indicator on the home screen on and off! This gives rise to ‘false alerts’ (on T-Moblie-UK anyway)…

  2. How does this product compare to Aeize Alerts?

  3. I purchased it from your store a while back and am running v1.160 and installed the new one v1.61 and had problems with it, i deleted it and have v1.60 again. When the new version becomes stable will I be able to update free or am I going to have to spend more money for it.

  4. @John Honestly I don’t know. Maybe you should ask them to filter them out. I think they added filters in this version

    @Nikolaus both of the apps seem to be neck in neck

    @Artie If you already purchased it the serial code will still work no matter if you upgraded or not

  5. Hey is it me or F for Follow doesn’t quite work

  6. My question is how do you charge for a beta? Its buggy or maybe I dont follow and you get the beta version for 7 days hen upgrade to the release version after paying?

  7. From the developer: “For those of you that are having the “ArrayIndexOutOfBounds” error, we have a minor fix v1.162:

    This is still in beta, and they continue to work on additional fixes and enhancements.

  8. I’ve been hearing about this for long enough… I’m gonna break down and try it now. 🙂

  9. Thanks for a good read, hope to read some more interesting post here! Steve.

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