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OS for 8300 & 8320 found online

Secret Agent 004 is back with links to OS, now for 8300 and 8320 devices specifically. If you didn’t catch the tip in the comment section yesterday, don’t miss it now:

8300 –

8320 –

Let us know how it goes for you people.

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. .102. And VZW just yesterday gets around to releasing .77? Damn, I wish Storm launch would get here and pass so they would start paying some REAL attention to their other ‘berrys.

  2. Has anyone tried this on the 8320? I’d like to know your BB didn’t blow up before I commit. I have a friend who upped his 8310 yesterday and said he ran into a problem durring upgrade, but was manually able to get it all installed and fine now.

  3. I’m starting to feel like I’m the only one with the forgotten 8830. Come on 004!

  4. Well no one else with an 8320 seems to have upgraded yet so I went ahead. Install was normal. I find my phone a bit slower to be honest, and no new features noticed. Still annoyed that upgrading the OS downgrades Google Talk and Document 2 Go. Grrrrrr!

  5. Another warning, that in Google Maps 2.3.2 my saved “favorites” did not remain after the OS update, so just be prepared for that.

  6. I upgraded my 8320 this morning. Seems to be working just fine, but I really haven’t used it all that extensively.

  7. As for the 8830, there are updates, they just don’t come out as quickly as for the 8300 series cause it’s not as widely used.

    Nikolaus: Did you back up your 3rd party applications before you did the install? I bet you would have retained your favorites!

  8. I have a BUNCHA monternet/call center/help center settings red and white icons on my bb’s icons page. How do I get rid of them? thanks

  9. Handheld Code for the 88xx Series is current with all other device models, All xx30 Models have delayed updates, this includes the 8330 model.

  10. compatible with 8310

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