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Verizon Re-Releases OS For The 8130 & 8330

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  1. General issues:
    xx In certain cases, you might not have been able to open a Web page
    with “https” attached to its URL.
    xx If you set your device font to BBAlpha Sans, set the font size to 11, and
    set the Calendar view to Day, the calendar screens might have
    appeared cut off or certain days might have been missing.
    xx In rare cases, if you received both a meeting reminder and a new
    message, you might not have been able to dismiss the meeting
    reminder as expected.
    xx If your device was paired with a Bluetooth® headset, your device
    might have disconnected from the headset, or turned off the
    Bluetooth signal unexpectedly.
    xx You might not have been able to play an .mp3 or .wav file
    attachment over a paired Bluetooth headset.
    xx If you enabled content protection on your device and received an
    email message while your device was locked, the recipient list might
    have displayed blank email addresses. Replying to an email message
    while the addresses were in this state might have resulted in delivery
    to an unintended recipient.
    xx If you selected Where Am I on BlackBerry Maps, it might have taken
    longer than expected to load your location.
    xx If you started GPS navigation in BlackBerry Maps and your device
    indicated the number of satellites found, your device might have
    continuously searched for satellites.
    xx If you clicked the Voice Activated Dialing convenience key twice
    before you completed the Enterprise Activation, you might have
    received an error message or the audio voice prompt might not
    have played.
    xx If you paired your device with a Bluetooth-enabled car kit and you
    opened the voice dialing application, the application might not have
    responded as expected.
    xx If you set the Audible Roll of the trackball to Click in Screen/
    Keyboard options and you rolled the trackball, your device might
    not have made the clicking sound as expected.
    xx If you attached a picture to an email, the option to send the email
    might not have been present.
    xx If you received a voice mail message, the voice mail message
    indicator might not have appeared and the unread message count
    indicator might have been prompted instead.
    xx If a BlackBerry Messenger contact sent you an address card with a
    name that contained the euro currency symbol, you might not have
    received the address card as expected.
    BlackBerry Curve
    8830 smartphone.
    Network details & coverage maps at © 2008 Verizon Wireless. All company names, trademarks, logos, and copyrights not property of Verizon Wireless are property of their respective
    owners. All rights reserved.
    The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images, and symbols are the exclusive properties of and trademarks or registered trademarks of Research In Motion Ltd.—used by permission.
    xx If you were listening to audio in the media application and you
    received an incoming call or dialed an outgoing call, the audio from
    the media application might have continued to play and you might
    not have been able to hear your phone ring.
    • Media files received via Bluetooth technology were sometimes saved
    in an incorrect folder.
    Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) issues:
    xx If you tried to send an MMS message with a 50 KB attachment, or
    larger, your message might have failed to send.
    xx If you were sent multiple MMS messages, you might not have
    received all of the MMS messages.
    xx If you were composing an MMS message and tried to play an
    attached video, the video might not have played and the media
    application might not have responded as expected.
    xx If you were working in the messages list, or in a message, and you
    held down the Shift key and scrolled, multiple messages or lines of
    text might not have been selected.
    xx If you forwarded an MMS message with an image attachment and
    the image file name contained an ampersand (&) or a slash (/), the
    image might not have displayed on the recipient’s device.
    xx If you were composing an MMS message and recorded a video, the
    video might not have loaded.
    xx In certain cases, MMS messages might not have been received due
    to a third-party application.
    • If you received an MMS message from certain phones, the video and
    audio attachments might not have played on your device.
    The latest OS update also includes the following features:
    xx The device now optimizes memory usage. The device manages
    languages to maximize free space and increase the number of
    protected messages. The device memory limit for media on the
    internal memory has been reduced, as well. Media is automatically
    saved to the microSD card when the card is inserted; when it is not
    inserted, saving pictures is not allowed. The update includes tips and
    tricks for device memory management.
    xx If you receive a phone call while you are recording a voice note, your
    recording session is paused automatically. Previously, when you
    resumed the recording after ending the call the session appeared to
    continue but the voice note was missing content upon playback.
    • It is now possible to write to subfolders that are inside read-only
    parent folders on a microSD card.

  2. No love for the 8830 yet?!

  3. seriously, what’s up with NO official carrier release of a 4.5 OS for the 8830 yet?

  4. Where’s the Blackberry Docs? Or can word files only be edited in email?

  5. this is not running like the other carriers .77 that i have ran before this seems to be more stable with vzw

  6. does this mean that vzappzone will be compatable with 4.5 now?

  7. Did VZW unlock the GPS w/ this up date?

  8. Are you able to sent picture mail

  9. Leave it to good ol vxw to release out of date software.

    No AppZone does not work on .77 nor .97. I tried it last night and again just now.

  10. GPS is still locked on my Pearl 8130 after upgrade.

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