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OS & .93 For 8130 8330 & 8820 Found Online!

detectivestockOur secret agents came through for us again today with OS links for the 8130 and 8330, and OS for the 8820. These seem to be the latest OS versions to the best of my knowledge.

Check them out at:

8130 – –
8330 – –
8820 – –

Let us know in the comments what you find different in this version!

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. there is a 8100 also out there

  2. just downloaded and installed on my sprint curve 8330 so far everything is working great just like the last build will report back more tomorrow after i have a few hours under my belt playing with it but first impression is its just as stable as and seems to be a little bit quicker to respond

  3. Seems to run a bit faster then This OS upgrade is actually

  4. Just got it installed, seemed to hiccup at the last minute but the device managed to come back and seems to work fine so far.

    Haven’t used it enough to see if it really is faster or not. Seems to be but that may be just because of the reboot.

    Anyone got a solution to the loss of the default images (a link to dl them would be nice) and having to re-upgrade Docs To Go AGAIN. DM always either wants to remove or downgrade it. Very annoying.

  5. 8330 link seems to no longer be working…whats up with that?

  6. scratch that 5th try was key…working now and cant wait to install!

  7. Any hope for this new version for 8830(World Phone) users??

  8. Hopefully this will fix the annoying 2-second speakerphone blast that I and others have been experiencing on our 8330’s.

  9. What about for the 8320?? We want too 🙂

  10. @T this version should work on the 8830 just fine. i put on a friend’s 8830 and it works just fine. same version as the one on my 8330.

  11. I downloaded it and forgot to delete the vendor xml. But it seems that its working perfectly…

  12. rickt:

    On an 8830, do I install the 8820 version or the 8330 version?

    Thanks for your help!

  13. Link to version for 8330 not working. Anyone got a better Link?

  14. hey i found a working link for the 8330, try reading through these forums and there is a link.

  15. These OS’s are device specific, you will need to find one for the 8830 you can’t install either of these on that. The good news however is that if these are available the 8830 most likely is too somewhere. Google is your friend 🙂

  16. The version works way better than the last.. no endless hoursglasses and on top of that it is just much faster overall. Sprint TV works Youtube works. No bugs so far yet

  17. Yeah no more hourglasses but I stiill have the annoying speakerphone problem

  18. I have had installed for about 6 hours now and I haven’t seen any problems yet. It seems a bit faster and I do have a bunch of stuff running all the time and it seems to take the load well not mention I have a ton of stuff installed on it to boot. I did have some issues with some previous installed but I never had that problem before and I installed all of the earlier beta os’s. All I had to reinstall them and they work fine now. Ho yea FY I am on the sprint network.

  19. Is the 8330 version for CDMA phones?

  20. This version updated a 8130 on verizon without a hitch from 4.3 to 4.5. I did not have to change anything within the software or on the phone.

  21. Dav: ALL 8330’s (or any other xx30 models) are CDMA. Works for VZW, Sprint, Bell, MTS Mobility, and others.

  22. This fixed the inbound call speaker phone blast problem for me. I had that issue on .77 but this version fixed it.

  23. So far so good. Faster browser response. Still blasts speaker briefly on calls, but does seem much shorter than under .77.

  24. Why can’t I find the vendor file?

  25. I’ve got an 8330 on Verizon with OS 4.3. I’d like to upgrade to 4.5 but don’t want to deal with the speakerphone blast issue. Does the speakerphone blast problem occur with all 8330s or is it limited to certain carriers? Anyone running 4.5 on a Verizon 8330 without the problem? Thanks.

  26. I have the 8330. Blast is better, but still there. 4.5 worth it for me.

  27. I’m going to try and dL it… will let you know my thoughts about the speaker fon blast, that was annoying- hopefully it wil correct itself.

  28. I had the speaker phone blast beginning with and it seems to have corrected itself with!

  29. Please say which carrier and phone you have when posting your evaluation/gripe of this OS update.

  30. I didn’t have to find the vendor file. I used CrackMem. Its a life saver.

  31. I have the Blackberry Curve 8330 from Sprint, it didn't ask me for the vendor file as well. I downloaded the file, (did not have my phone plugged in) – Installed it, then did not check the Run Program after installation – Plugged my phone in Then ran the program, the dialog box popped up and followed the onscreen instructions from there.

  32. You don't have to delete the vendor.xml file if it's not an official release. (i.e a beta version such as this one)

  33. Did you have to do anything "special" to re-establish your connection (Sprint) after the install?

  34. hey bdizzel1982 how did that OS upgrade work out for your sprint BB Curve

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