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Review: Protect Your NutShell

editors-choice-smallReview: NutShell Leather Belt Case
[rating: 9.5] 9.5/10

Cost: $54.95 + options from Tuff-as-Nuts

The greatest belt case I have ever seen or had the privilege to review.

Sometimes it is unusual to find an accessory manufacturer that has been around to stand the test of time. Nutshell, a New Zealand company, has been hand making genuine leather cases since 1997. As most of you know, I am a belt case fanatic, and this case sets the bar very high for future cases!

The case arrived in packaging from New Zealand, which is always kind of fun to receive something from another country. But the true test was yet to come. The case that Nutshell sent to me had a few upgrades. Mine has the magnetic flap closure, rather than Velcro, it also has the belt clip and this particular case is tan colored.

Nutshell_102108_0114 Nutshell_102108_0115

The case is truly rugged! The clip is by far the sturdiest metal clip that I have ever seen on a BlackBerry case, it even has a metal loop for people that choose to connect a lanyard or decorative attachment. The magnetic flap that holds the case shut is strong enough to keep everything in place, yet loose enough to easily retrieve my BlackBerry. The flap itself is a little bit thin where it folds over the Berry, it could have been a little bit thicker in my opinion.

The logo is branded into the back of the case instead of plastered all over the front of the case. This actually speaks volumes about the company, they are confident enough in their product to place a small unobtrusive logo where very few people will see it.

The form of the case is rivaled by it’s function. The case sits close to the hip making it barely noticeable from a distance. The case includes a magnet built in to serve as the proximity sensor (a must have for me). There is a little hole on the very bottom of the case that I cant really figure out what it does. This case was hand made for the 8830, and there is no mic in that area…

Nutshell_102108_0116 Nutshell_102108_0118


  • Stylish
  • Compact
  • Incredibly durable
  • Quality materials


  • Slightly expensive
  • Unusual hole on the bottom
  • Flap could be a little bit thicker


I love this case, I have been rotating between this case and my Fortte case because I cannot decide which one that I like better. This case has quickly become my “manual labor” case. I can clip it on to my belt and never have to worry about it falling off my belt, or breaking out of the clip. The price after customizing it is a little bit high, but you pay for what you get! There is nothing better than a quality hand made leather case that perfectly fuses practicality and beauty.

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  1. Nice review. I’ve used their cases in the past and they are top notch. I’m staying away from the belt clip thing for phones these days or I’d be using this case again for sure.

  2. Love these New Zealanders. I was curious as to what their leather care suggestions were. Check out 2.”Find an old computer power transformer, or something big and fat…and stuff it in your Nutshell”.

  3. I love these New Zealanders. At their leather care link: 2. “Find a computer power transformer, or something big and fat…and stuff it in your Nutshell”.
    LoL 🙂

  4. Interesting.. a case review. Has pictures… but no pictures where you can see the phone in the case. Does it work with the Bold?

  5. @Sparkomatic- They also make cases that do not have belt clips!

    @Puzzled Actually the berry is in there in a couple of the photos, it pretty much covers the entire blackberry.

  6. @Nate – I know…I took the easy route and picked up a Sena slim pouch cause they’re in my city and I was able to just stop by and grab one. Both are very nice cases 🙂

  7. Yeah Nutshell makes some awesome cases! I am using a older 8700 case I had for my Bold and it fits though the case is a bit bigger. The clip on these cases is to die for and does not scratch my belt up but hold on for dear life. I just wish they ratcheted but you cant have everything and it would probably lose stability!

  8. On behalf of everyone involved with Nutshell, I would like to say thanks for the Editors Award! Much appreciated. A great review, warts and all.
    If ‘standing the test of time’ in this cat-eat-dog world means anything, it is that distance is no barrier, and independant reviews like this are the best way of making sure we will continue to be offering you the most functional belt cases for your mobile technologies for many years to come.

  9. On behalf of the good folk at Nutshell it is heartening to receive this award. Not only have we survived in this business for many years because of the quality of our products, but also because of the karma we get from the community we serve. We always welcome comment; it is the the best way we can continue to improve our products to meet and exceed your expectations. Thanks Berryreview!

  10. As an appreciation for the good thoughts, until December 10 2008 we are offering a 20% discount on all Nutshell products. That's so we can make sure we can deliver in time. Use the coupon code 'XYZZY' . All the best for Christmas and Peace and Prosperity for 2009. 🙂

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