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Advanced Users! CrackUtil – Another Solid Tool In Your Arsenal

Warning: This tool is intended for advanced users so I would recommend using it with caution especially if you are unskilled in the BlackBerry ways… Proceed at your own risk! 🙂

Tashanna let me know about a slick new tool released by Pete over at the CrackBerry forums. Pete is a moderator over at the forums and his skills really shine in this application. CrackUtil was designed as yet another multi-tool in your BlackBerry arsenal. It provides you with some of the more powerful Javaloader.exe commands in a nice GUI package.


Thanks for the great tool Pete!

Check out the details and download the application at this link or read below for more info on what it can do.

There are varying levels of tasks which CrackUtil can perform:

The simple:

  • Set Device Time which simply sets the phone time to be that of the PC. Command: javaloader –usb settime
  • Take Screenshot which takes an instantaneous screenshot of you BlackBerry and then opens MS Paint so that yo may viw the image and then save it in whatever format is available in whichever folder you wish and the filename of your choice. Command: javaloader –usb screenshot BBScreenshot.bmp
  • Retrieve Event Log copies the phone’s Event Log to a text file on the PC. The Event Log is the same one that you see when you type Alt-LGLG on the keyboard. This Log is useful when debugging the phone. You may save this file wherever you wish. The file is initially stored in Program Files\CtrackUtil\EventLog.txt. Command: javaloader –usb eventlog
  • Clear Event Log simply erases the data in the Event Log on the phone. Command: javaloader –usb cleareventlog

The intermediate:

  • Retrieve File Listing will, after a short delay display all the OS files loaded onto the BlackBerry. Command: javaloader –usb dir
  • Remove File from Device will erase a file from your Blackberry. The file is not lost however. It is stored in Program Files\CrackUtil or Program Files (x86)\CrackUtil under Vista 64 bit. Care needs to be taken when using this function since CrackUtil will remove any file selected regardless of its name or need on the Blackberry. It is possible to completely brick your phone if you inadvertently remove the wrong file so please be careful when using this function. The phone will often reboot after a file remova operation. Command: javaloader –usb savefilename javaloader –usb erase -ffilename
  • Load File to Device will load a .cod or a .jar file to the phone. Loading files is NOT THE SAME as installing them via Desktop Manager. This function is included so as t allow experienced uses to manipulate their phones file system. Serious damage can result if files are loaded without careful consideration and prior knowledge of OS compatibility. This is one reason that the current Device OS version is displayed on this panel. Command: javaloader –usb loadfilename

The Advanced:

  • Wipe Device Applications Will remove all data from your phone and will remove all applications as well. The phone will be set back to JVM Error 507 except for the IT Policy which will remain. Command: javaloader –usb wipe -a
    Wipe Device File System immediately wipes or bricks your phone back to JVM Error 507 (No Operating System installed) except for the IT Policy which will remain. Command: javaloader –usb wipe -f
    Reset IT Policy will reset the phone’s IT Policy to factory normal. Command: javaloader –usb resettofactory
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  1. THanks for the review. Mention really should include the incredible programming skills of FiG who dod 100% of the Delphi code. All I did was to define what I wanted and to test each command. My intent was to produce a more user friendly interface for the truly excellent, but somewhat daunting to use, JL_Cmder. I also wanted a File Manager type interface and a way to zap the phone that was protected by a password so that you did accidentally brick you BlackBerry with a single mouse click.

    Thanks again and enjoy the program


  2. Awesome, and much appreciated.

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