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Rogers & Fido Cut Back Sales Commissions Due To Success

falling We were just told by one of our contacts to check out this article by the Michael on the BoyGenius Report. He let us know that Rogers and Fido have drastically cut commissions to their sales staff even though sales have increased ~30% in 2008. It looks like sales were on a serious upswing due to the Bold and iPhone release causing Rogers to pay more commissions then they planned. Rogers is trying to send their sales people a message. We did well so we are rewarding you less. Talk about incentive based commission!

Michael goes into the details so I wont bore you but in short this will be cutting about $500 out of each sales persons monthly check. That will probably directly translate into unresponsive sales people trying to make more sales with a minimum time spent on support. Or it could just as well make them flip you the bird when you walk in with a broken device.

I remember when T-Mobile did this for awhile and sales people just started forwarding all support walk-ins to the 800 line. I was there a couple of times and they made me call the 800 number from the store! Same thing happened at AT&T a little over a year ago…

I guess Rogers sales people might want to take a look at 🙂

As Michael pointed out, you can help these guys out by calling Rogers or Fido toll-free within Canada at 1-888-764-3771 and 1-888-945-3436 respectively.

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  1. This is always par for the course! I have worked for straight commission since 1994 selling TV commercials for a Local CBS TV station…The more you make the more they cut you the following year! Ahhh I wish I could figure out what the big wigs are thinking when they make such commission structures! All they are doing is cutting their productivity.

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