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Pearl Flip 8220 OS Found Online!

detectivestockThanks to one of our secret agents for letting us know about the latest OS for BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220. Not sure what this fixes but it looks like the latest available at the moment.

8220 –

Let us know what you find different in this version!

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. Will this work on the Bold?

  2. Jonp, like any code for a specific model, it is only for the 8220. Code for a specific model can not be installed any a different model BlackBerry.

  3. Apologies typo…. Cannot be installed ‘on’ a different model….

  4. People who ask if it works for another model should be taken to the back and be shot in the back of the head

  5. Who cares if it works with other models?

    Can anyone confirm that it actually works with the FLIP??? I don’t want to install something on my brand new Flip if the file is corrupted/a fake.

  6. Thanks Gareth.
    As I understand it, 4.5 is for the older generation phones, 4.6 came out with the Bold, 4.7 is touchscreen specific.
    These were all for the Bold – it seems to me that is possibly just a newer build.

    …and coldcc – I don’t know what to say to you – not even worth my time typing it…

  7. Handheld Code is not one fits all, they are developed for the specific model in question. So the fact that it is 4.6 does not mean it works on any. 4.6 is the major version, 4.6.0 is, loosely put, the SP version, like we have had for the DM, 4.2 (major), 4.2.2 (SP2). Its a little ambiguous with code… What is shown in the About of the device is the ‘Application Version” and is commonly what is referred to when posting. The .125,127, etc is the Build version and are in most instances minor fixes. We will probably see at some point the Curves, Pearls, etc move to 4.6. At the moment the oldest device kept upto date with with the latest 4.5 code is the 8700. So we see the whole version in the filename: 8220M_PBr4.6.0_rel309_PL4.1.0.58_A4.6.0.174.exe. 8220- Supported Model | PB4.6.0_rel309 – Package Version (Build) | PL4.1.0.58 – Platform Version | A4.6.0.174 – Application Version (This is the important one we refer to) – Hope this helps.

  8. Blue.manny, if you are contemplating trying make sure you have your original code version, in case you need to revert back. I have just extracted the file and it is valid. If you are not comfortable being the first then wait patiently and someone in time will.

  9. Thanks Secret Agent!
    I guess I’ll just camp out this post until sum1 does post if it works lol.

  10. from
    “Bad news…………..this beta is full of bugs, lags terribly and re boots the phone. One bug that made this post official is it totally deleted my fav 5 and half of T-Mobile’s functionality. And to make a bad situation even worse, it took me over 2 HOURS to get pass security verification. By chance, I’m lucky my berry wasn’t bricked because of this!!! Word of advice……..DO NOT GAMBLE with this beta!”

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