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SameCell Location Based Search Without GPS

coffee-search SameCell let me know about a new free application that they just released. It essentially lets you do location based search based on the location of your cell tower ID. That way you can search near your location without GPS. It lets you search for places, services, weather and events near you.

Pretty interesting if you want to check it out but nothing groundbreaking. They essentially offer a bit more than Google Maps and Poynt in terms of specifying what you are searching for.

Check it out from your desktop at or pick up the application OTA at Let us know what you think!

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  1. Why can’t Poynt (a.k.a. MyPoynt) have this feature?? I have to type my location into Poynt because it thinks I am in Spring Tx, which is no where near where I really am 😛

  2. I tried this and always got blank results. Boo!

  3. Same here – I get blank results! Whats going on? Its not Halloween yet! Booh!!!

  4. Same here. Blank results. I hate when applications are released that have major flaws. This gets a big FAIL from me.

  5. Boooo boooo. Blank results too. I guess I will wait for version 1.1

    Btw, in case developers read this: 8330, os 4.5(unofficial), verizon, mid NJ area.hope that helps

  6. Did not work for me either. Could not get off their home screen. All keys had same results, ether app info or close.

  7. Works with some caveats for me (Sprint 8330.) Took three days for my wife’s location sharing to show up on my BB. Location updates are instant for looking at my own location but take time for hers. Overall…needs some work.

  8. I see absolutely no value in this program beyond what Google Maps already offers. It’s just a waste of precious memory space.

  9. MH, it took you 8 months to realize that?

    JK 🙂

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