Funny/Sad Statistics About Mobile Email Usage!

sofitel_toilet I got a great laugh out of a report that Neverfail published about 24×7 availability pressure causing Email addiction and worse. I always wanted to know if I was the only one using my BlackBerry in the bathroom… 🙂 Thank you Neverfail for a humorous and enlightening read!

In a nutshell:

The executive report, “Mobile Messaging Marketing Trends,” finds that worry over being available during non-work hours has led employees to e-mail addiction, causing them to take unnecessary risks with their health, their relationships, and even the welfare of others.

And my favorite stats:

  • 79% checked email in the bathroom
  • 77% while driving
  • 11% while engaged in intimate behavior
  • 41% while their commercial plane was in the air
  • 94% during work nights or weekends
  • 96% while on vacation

To view the whole report check out this link. Or you can read the press release at this link.

[Image courtesy of Planet Perplexed]

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  1. I for one never, ever, go to the bathroom with out mu berry with me. If I’m not reading BerryReview, I’m playing a game or something.

  2. With the exception of emailing while driving, and actually, Vlingo has made that a hands off feature… If it makes them happy I say do whatever you want.

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