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McAfee Mobile Antivirus for your BlackBerry?

With the Developers Conference there is tons of info flying out the door. I just saw that the guys over at BlackBerry Cool have posted that the Storm will ship with a free 30-day trial of McAfee Mobile Security.

Huh? We know that McAfee may have been working on BlackBerry anti-theft applications, but this is the first concrete thing I have seen. I suppose it was only a matter of time before we saw viruses hit the BlackBerry environment, but I really was beginning to think that we were immune!

I suppose I have a couple of questions about this. How much is this anti-virus going to cost after the 30 day trial is up? Also, while Verizon customers typically purchase unlimited data plans, many other carriers make a lot of money off of people who go over their bandwidth. How much information will be streaming to your BlackBerry to update new virus definitions?

The whole thing just puts me on edge, please tell me that I am overreacting!


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  1. This is just your typical company preying on paranoia. The anti-theft product you mention isn’t even theirs. Viruse scan for Blackberry is silly and just a way for them to make more money. In fact many people have gone so far as to say that you do not need anti-virus on your computer, if you locked the device down as you should and didn’t open suspicious attachments.

  2. I suppose mail pushed to our berries could contain malware or viruses. Unless the “push” precludes it.
    Do RIM’s servers and system have anything in place for this?

  3. I’m agreeing with the sentiment. I think this is simply Verizon and Mcafee teaming up to monetize yet another aspect of Blackberry. I have searched and searched and can find nothing about a successfuly Blackberry virus/trojan. Even in some particularly shady places I looked.

  4. There are no virus threats on the Palm platform. There are no virus threats on the BB platform either. Just another way for the virus companies to separate you from your hard-earned cash, if you are phoebic about these things.

  5. I havent used a PC AV progam in years and have enjoyed virus-free, fast performance. I suspect that this mobile AV will also slow down the device as it protects you from nothing.

  6. I need anti virus blackberry 8320

  7. @fajar:
    Why? You have evidence of a virus that works on a 8320?

  8. BlackBerry Antivirus software has existed for over 3 years. Go to

  9. I lost my blackberry messenger on my blacberry 8320 device.I’ve tried to download it on but I couldn’t find for v4.2.I couldn’t find either on cd equiped with purchasing.please tell me where I can download it.thank you.

  10. @ade:
    Try going into Options…Themes and Restore Theme Defaults. I had “lost” my “Options” icon and that brought it back. Luck!

  11. My messages, get deleted…….my caller Ids don’t show even when I have the names saved in my add book. I don’t have the BB messenger either….I’m thinking of getting the New S….something anti virus for BB. Any thoughts?

  12. @Nonso:
    Sounds like a memory leak. Do a battery pull.

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