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Vlingo Opens Up Version 2.0 for Public Beta

Vlingo We may have been known by others in the BlackBerry community for giving a little bit of slack to Vlingo. We just were not happy with the product that they submitted for the general public, it was a release nightmare. I can say that if I was the developer, I might have scratched it after that point.

So here’s to the folks over at Vlingo for not giving up!

It looks as if Vlingo has opened up its version 2.0 Beta for everyone interested. I have not had a chance to look at it yet, so if any of you out there feel brave, head on over and sign up. You can also hit the site directly from your Berry @ this link.

Please let us know what you truly think!

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  1. I, for one, installed the v2.0 private beta, and then I removed it shortly thereafter. It was a memory hog, taking just short of 2 MB of precious BlackBerry memory. This could be due to the fact that it creates its own index of your contacts, and I currently have 1400+ entries in my address book.

  2. I tried the beta version and I didn’t like the program at all. Voice recognition was horrible for my southern drawl. Found Vlingo a waste of time and memory.

  3. Sigh…. I was very excited when I saw i could now use vLingo go update my Facebook status verbally, HOWEVER this requires SMS. I was asked to grant an SMS connection from vLingo to sent my Facebook update. If I deny that, then the Facebook update feature does not work! If I can enter Twitter login/pswd in vLingo options, so I assume I don’t need SMS for Twitter, why should I send an SMS every time to update Facebook? SMS no thanks!

  4. I’ve used both versions and I feel that the new version expands to many areas that the original ignored. i love that it can now send an email and make self notes. i maintain my BB apps so I can utilize all the apps that I have. hey, it can let you send a text message or email WITHOUT TYPING. Gotta love it! The voice recognition is okay. i have problems with it but that is only if I don’t speak clearly or have background noises like the radio or someone else talking too lout. i don’t care about Facebook or any social networks but I am glad that it’s FREE so that right there is nothing to complain about. For what they offer, they could charge a whole lot.

  5. I tried the beta, but found that it would freeze up whenever I tried to text someone. I wemt back to 1.1.

  6. I tried the beta, but found that it would freeze up whenever I tried to text someone. I went back to 1.1.

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