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Contest: What’s your funniest BlackBerry story? Win One Of 3 $20 Gift Cards For UniqueSkins

C’mon…you must have at least one! Perhaps you were reading an email on your BlackBerry and accidentally walked straight into a wall? Or maybe a co-worker sent a text ranting about his job right when you’re in a meeting sitting next to your boss? Whatever the story…we want to hear it! In fact, we’ll take the 3 most funniest or embarrassing stories and reward each author with a $20 gift card code from UniqueSkins.comas reviewed here.

So go ahead…give us your funniest story…we can’t wait! Contest ends on October 25th (end of this week) so get cracking! (you can submit stories in the comments section)

Thanks to UniqueSkins for making this contest possible!

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  1. Where is the URL to link to where we write the story? I went to UniqueSkins and don’t see where to type this either?

  2. You can submit stories in the comments section :0)

  3. Well, about 2 weeks ago my wife was sick, and i was sent to the store to grab her some medication, and i had just bought my New Bold From Rogers 1 week before, thus giving my old Curve 8330 to my Wife, and she couldnt have been happier.
    So im on the bus to the skytrain station, and im chatting with her on BB messenger, and im sure we have all done this, i lost track of what i was doing, i got on the train and off i went. 10 minutes later things dont seem right… so i look around >.>…. <.<… and i realize im in the wrong part of town, i boared the wrong train going in the wrong direction all because i was busy with my head down talking to my wife on BB messenger lol.

    So here comes the embarrassing part, she asks where im at, kinda monitoring my progress, and i had to find a way to tell her i made a stupid move by getting on the wrong train… she laughed, called me an addict, and wont forget about it lol.
    i will be chatting and she will say somthing like “watch out for the pole” when its like 10 feet away still lol.

    Probably not the funniest you will see, but its my story non-the-less ^_^ *cheers everyone* im glad im first story 😛 im looking foward to reading all yours

  4. ++++ help, my blackberry pearl ate my dog++++

    I have been a pearl user since the tmo release in sept. I love my pearl and so does everyone else who comes in contact with it. However, the pearl has a dark and evil side. So I have a full size beagle named turbo and he is fearless. He did not stand a chance against my pearl though. Here’s how it happend. I had just gotten done feeding turbo and I’m not sure if he was still hungry ie what but he started sniffing my blackberry on the table. The pearl growled at turbo giving him a warning. Turbo did not heed the warning and started to attack the pearl. The pearl defend itself against the canine by putting turbo in a figure 4 leg lock. Turbo tried to tap out but my pearl is relentless. The blackberry proceeded to eat my dogs head. It all happened so fast I watched in utter dismay as the entire dog was gobbled up. The pearl then looked at me and told me I was next. I fled the house in hysterics. I am now afraid to go home and my girlfriend wants to know where the dog is. What should I do? Is this type of situation covered by my warranty?

  5. When I got my Curve, I sold my Pearl to a friend of mine. We were chatting one day on BB messenger, and I told her about an avatar I had seen that said “Suretype ducking rocks!” I told her about that and she laughed, and tried to call me a dork, but it came out as fork! So now when I want to make fun of her, I just tell her what a ducking fork she is!

  6. My wife claims I’m on my BlackBerry Curve too much. Maybe she is right, who knows, but I also got her one. Anyway, she is always curious who I am writing with. Check’s my Buddy lists and Phonebook sometimes. I remember one time when I was out walking our dog when a friend of mine from Alberta Canada called (north of Montana). She saw my BlackBerry was ringing and with the nice big display could see a call from “Alberta” was incoming. Once I got home I was asked “Who’s Alberta??” I didn’t know about the call, but after “much” discussion figured it out and explained to her the BlackBerry can show you based on Area Code where you are calling from, and thus “Alberta” is not a woman but a province. Think what you will.

  7. ummm, just a note to the wise which I’m apparently not a member of…

    “if” you happen to be in the restroom and “if” you have your BlackBerry out and “if” you are playing with the GPS application… it WILL find and lock on some satellites even inside your private little domain there and try to navigate to wherever you have it set.

    Mine did just that and the voice prompt is incredibly loud, expecially in a bright room such as that. “Turn RIGHT in 400 yards!” I was commanded. I desperately tried to cover wherever the sound was coming from but it was useless. A few stalls over I hear a chuckle (I hoped it was a chuckle), and… to add insult to the injury, the blasted thing pretended that God and everyone didn’t hear it clear enough the first time and repeated the stern directive all over again: “Turn RIGHT in 400 yards!”. The chuckle returned from the 2nd stall over (I keep telling myself it was really a chuckle). Let’s see… how fast can one get out of a restroom without being recognized?

  8. so not so much of a funny story more like sad on behalf of my part. I had
    just woken up and was rushing to get ready on the way down the stairs I was replying to an email and didn’t see my dog. I then tripped over my dog fell down the stairs right into a door and
    dislocated my shoulder!
    that’ll teach me to not always stare at my berry……or not

  9. I was sleeping one night an my sister entered my room. I was aware he entered but I was too tired to acknowledge what she was doing. So the next time I opened my eyes, I saw this huge shadow hovering over me. I was so frighten I let out a very LOUD scream, frightening her as well. Come to find out she was putting my blackberry to charge and the back light was on so I saw her shadow which she was hovering over the phone on the ceiling. We laughed so hard afterwards. LOL

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