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AutoStandby Only 99 Cents – Today Only!!!

Jeff @ Zaventh let me know that their popular AutoStandby application is only 99 Cents today only (October 20th 2008) to celebrate the BlackBerry Developer Conference. The application will automatically put your phone into standby mode according to settings you set. This is a pretty good deal for the application since it is usually $4.95. You can pick it up at this link in the store.

From the description:

autostandby AutoStandby is a remarkable new application for BlackBerry devices which will automatically put your device into a little advertised mode known as standby when it has gone idle for a period of time. Unlike keylock mode, standby mode saves significant battery life by putting your hardware into a semi-sleep state. However, you can still receive e-mails, SMS text messages, phone calls, audio alerts, and everything else just as if your phone was on normally.

AutoStandby will also lock the keypad to prevent your BlackBerry’s screen from turning on which wastes battery life and at the same time prevents other common problems, like accidentally calling someone. To exit standby, all you have to do is press one key located conveniently on the top of your BlackBerry. That’s it!
Whether you are a professional BlackBerry addict or a recreational user, you will certainly benefit from the extended battery life provided by AutoStandby’s low power state, the ease of single button unlocking, and the peace of mind of knowing your device isn’t accidentally calling random entries from your contact list.
Note: Please download the desktop installation (zip file) and read the readme.txt document to get started.

AutoStandby 1.5.0 Changes
* Added support to disable AutoStandby when navigation software is running
* Added ability to backup/restore AutoStandby settings
* Fixed issue with detecting BB Media Player on 4.2.1 OS


  • Significant battery savings
  • Increase in speed of charging
  • Configurable idle delay
  • Locks keypad from accidental use
  • Single button to restore device
  • OS 4.5 support
  • Detects RIM, MiuTunes, BerryTunes, xPlayer, FlipSide, nuTsie music players
  • Detects Navigation (GPS) software: BlackBerry Maps, TeleNav, Google Maps
  • Under 9k in size
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  1. Great looking app & price.

    Wouldn’t holding down the mute key on the top also put the device into this mode?

    Even so, I like this app in case you forget to do it manually.

  2. Yep, you can manually enter standby using the mute key, and AutoStandby aims to handle this automatically for you so you don’t even need to think about it, just like you said. It works a lot like the built in lock feature, working autonomously, but unlike lock can save an incredible amount of battery life… up to nearly 50% some users claim:

  3. Thanks Ron! Yes, it’s the same standby mode that occurs when you hold down the mute key and AutoStandby aims to handle this automatically for you so there’s no need to worry about whether or not your device is in standby or not! It works very much like the built in locking feature, running autonomously in the background and working cooperatively with holsters and lock mode, except that standby mode can save a huge amount of battery life… some users claim up to around 50% increase: . It’s also a lot easier to restore from standby, just one click of the mute key. 🙂

  4. Crap! Just bought this app on Saturday!

    Works really well, though. Just takes a little adjusting to pressing the mute key instead of star+call.

  5. It’s a great deal. I wanted to buy it, but I didn’t want to pay $5 for it. But, $0.99 is much better.

  6. Thanks everyone for an amazing response! We had so many we actually are being asked to tone back the discounted price, since they have to pay a transaction fee per sale. Sorry about that everyone, hope those of you who acted first got in on the deal!

    -Zaventh Ventures

  7. Great promo price- unlike that Aerize deal yesterday, I was able to get in on this one before it went up to a higher (though still discounted) price. Thanks, Zaventh!

  8. Kinda disappointing abt the 99 cents offer being taken away before the day is over…bad marketing!!

  9. Yeah. Shouldn’t advertise it as a one day sale if it isn’t going to be.

  10. Good idea
    Badly implemented

    A weak excuse for pulling the offer

    The transaction fee was a known factor before the offer, so if that was a surprise after the offer was made, consider hiring a new person for public relations / marketing

  11. Well, I got it. I like it, the features are useful, the mute button thing is annoying.

  12. Its 1124 PM same day, I want to buy this for 99c, I add it to my cart and it says $3.95! Thats NOT 99c!!!!! what is this crap?

  13. They discontinued the 99 cent “special.”

    Poor resolution.

  14. totally agree with Dance!!

  15. This software “conflicts” with my PeekaWho and as a result AutoStandby doesn’t work in some circumstances.

  16. ^^ Does it? I’ve been using aerize since I got it free, but I bought peekawho a few weeks ago. I’m going to have to check this now.

  17. I don’t see it.

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