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Givaway!!! 90 Totally FREE Copies Of Aerize Email Alerts

aerizeemailalerts Thanks to the great guys at Aerize we have a great offer for all of our readers. We have 90 copies of Aerize Email Alerts available to the first readers who grab it using the instructions below. (Yeah the 90 is not a typo!)

This is the same Aerize Email Alerts application we mentioned earlier today. Aerize Email Alerts essentially previews each email you receive with the senders picture and name, the subject of the email, and a brief preview while you are in a different application.

This is a limited time offer for the first 90 people who jump on the bandwagon. All you have to do is follow these directions:

  • Head on over to Aerize Email Alerts in the store
  • Add Aerize Email Alerts to your cart
  • When done click the checkout button on the top right
  • Enter in the code BERRYFREE in the promotion code box and click apply
  • Checkout and you are done!!!

Please make sure to thank Aerize in the comments or better yet check out some of their other great BlackBerry software. They have Aerize Card Loader (SD card installation), Aerize Optimizer (Memory booster), and Aerize Explorer (zip/unzip) in their catalog.

Let us know if you are one of the lucky 90!

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  1. Got my copy!! This is why I love this site. Thank you Aerize and BerryReview. You guys rock!

  2. Thanks! In for a copy 🙂

  3. Thank you BerryReview 🙂

  4. Thanks berryreview I check your website almost hourly.

  5. I was under the impression that it would be entirely free. Turns out to be a 7 day trial. Bummer!

  6. thats odd, didnt work! says you cannot combine offers with discount prices!

  7. Same here doesn’t work for me.

  8. nevermind, got it! Thanks alot!~!!!

  9. I just tried it myself guys. This is a fully free version. You need to checkout using that coupon to get the registration code free. I just tried it to make sure the code is still working so maybe you should be trying this from another computer.
    Do it quick since these wont last!

  10. it said the same thing for me, but then i checked the total and it said $0.00. so check it out again. and when i got the email that said 7 day trail, go to ur already purchased page, and the activation code will be there. plug it in the Aerize app @ the bottom n ur good to go. THANKS AERIZE AND BERRYREVIEW!!!

  11. Thank you Aerize & BerryReview!

    Very much appreciated!

  12. i want a copy

  13. Thanks, I’m glad I waited and didn’t buy it this morning!

  14. Thank you Aerize and BerryReview. BerryReview U R always rocking. My favourite site for keeping in tune with my BB news.
    Thanks a bunch…

  15. BOOOO….7 day trial….these guys are bunch of ….you know what.

    Come to think of it…this product is a lot like peekawho….

    please post a real free copy next time…

  16. yay!! got my free full working copy ,, follow directions and it works great to get free copy, if you one of the first 90 🙂

  17. I was able to get it. Thanks berryreview!! And aerize too.

  18. Thanks!!! I got 1 😀

    Full copy working here 😀 😀

  19. Some of you have no shame. Not only do you come on an complain about something given to you for FREE!, you didn’t follow any of the instructions which caused your own confusion. I swear I’m gonna come up with a business with an iron clad contract in which it forces you to sign over all of your belongings to me, why…because NO ONE reads contracts or directions lol.

    On that note, thanks Aerize and BerryReview, this app is awesome.

  20. followed instructions…did not work. said code has been used…wtf?

  21. It worked, thank you thank you thank you. Send the trial to your BB via email then purchase with the code on the BB and it sould work.

  22. Thanks Aerize and BerryReview…thanks to my Viigo I got word of this within minutes of it being announced. I just got my free license and plan to install tonight.

  23. Thanks BerryReview and Aerize. I think people are confused because they a) didn’t pay attention when buying and see the registration code and b) are confused by the “7 day trial” email that is sent to everyone that installs the app. Enter the code received during checkout and you DO have a fully functional install.

    And to those of you criticising, without first considering you might have goofed the process, shame on you

  24. Thanks for a free copy! you guys rock!

  25. Said the promotion was already used, i guess the 90 are used up. Thanks anyways!!

  26. Thank you BerryReivew and Aerize. It worked for me, but only from my blackberry browser. When I attempted from my PC I got the this code has been used already error, but then I sent myself the store link and repeated the steps on the blackberry browser and it worked.

  27. I also had the same problem. I tried to enter the registration code I got in the email, but it was rejected.
    It seems I entered one of my email addresses which isn’t the default. So I went ahead and ordered it again, this time with my default email address, and I got another serial code, which worked great and the software is now registered.

  28. Thats awesome!!!! I am so glad I looked at Viigo just a few min ago!!!!! Thanks Aerize and BerryReview!!!!!!! I have been wanting a program like this for about 6 months now!!!!!!

  29. Wow, this is great, it didn’t work for me on the PC but as someone mentioned it works using the blackberry browser. Great Contest. Thanks

  30. It’s amazing how people don’t follow instructions and are too demanding. Please read the instructions before you point fingers.

  31. I also had problems using my PC, but was able to get it without any problems using my BB browser.

    Thanks BerryReview!!

  32. Doh! I’m always on viigo and I see this when I take a nap and just missed it!!

  33. For all those talking about no being able to follow directions, well they dont work. Unless you specify that this has to be done on a Blackberry browser. I tried it on the PC on 3 browsers and all of them stated that the code has already been used. So before you start calling people out remember this is a website and promotion codes dont always work.

    Thanks for the free product.

  34. Thanks this was a very nice thing to do. Kudos to Aerize, Berryreview and luig.

  35. Actually I take that back. I got a serial code of all zeros and it doesnt work. I guess they are all gone

  36. Odd, I tried what somebody else said about using the berry browser on my bold and it worked just fine, just re-read my message up there and I’m obviously still half asleep, lol. Just downloading my copy right now!

    Thanks BerryReview! You guys are the best! Always go straight to this RSS feed on my berry when I check Viigo for news.

  37. Like many others, I was able to use the Bold Browser (over WiFI) to get the purchase done but not a PC. Fair enough!

    Thanks very much to Aerise for the application and for BerryReview for bringing it to the public!

  38. Got my copy!!! Thanks Berryreview!!!

  39. Thanks very much for the software. Following THE INSTRUCTIONS took about 4 mins till the FREE copy was up and running.

  40. Thanks…works great!

  41. Thanks! I’m pleasantly surprised that I made it under the wire.

  42. Glad to hear it is working! I have to send a big thanks to Aerize for making this generous giveaway possible!

  43. Odd that in my order the suggested product of the day is PeekaWho. Same thing basically.

  44. got mine , big thanks to both Aerize and BerryReview

  45. Retried it on the BB and worked great. Thanks again. Appreciate it Aerize and BerryReview!!

  46. I got it!! Ya’ll rock. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  47. I got my copy. This is just one of the many reasons this is the first blog I check when I compulsively check Viigo.

  48. LoL, As usual, didnt get it. GRRRR.

  49. Thanks Aerize and BerryReview
    Great app that works with Blackberry Alerts unlike PeekaWho.
    Aerize please added setting that allows user to keep screen from waking up when sms or email is received.

    Thanks again

  50. Got my copy and it only states 7-day trial. I cannot figure out how to get the full version to work correctly..

  51. I was able to get the “free” promo code, but when I enter it in, it says code not valid. What gives?

  52. I apologize I misunderstood where the serial code was supposed to go.
    Open up the program and scroll down to serail code. Type in the code emailed to you confirming your purchase for $0.00. As soon as you type in the correct code for your pin it automatically registers you.

  53. saw the post on viigo;) downloaded. thanks Aerize and Berryreview!

  54. Thank you to Aerize and Berryreveiw!! What an awesome gift! Further proof of why Berryreview has become my “place” for Blackberry news and reviews!! Keep up the great work!!!

  55. Thanks for this great gift, Aerize. Unfortunately, my code also doesn’t work. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I know that you’ll get this working for me!

  56. Thanks for the free copy of sweet software! 🙂

    Chivalry will never die

  57. Thanks for my copy – great program!

  58. Thank you to Aerize and BerryReview for this very useful and interesting application.

  59. Thanks for the free sweet software!

    Chivalry will never die

  60. Thanks to aerize and berryreview..nice job

  61. Pity. I was too late…time difference (Europe) and I wanna have this software :((((

  62. Got it here in the USA. Thanks much

  63. Hey thx ! Got it working here! What I miss are the buttons “reply” and “forward”.

  64. Works on my VZW Curve. Thanks to Berry Review and Aerize!!

  65. Just downloaded it and works great, I like this better than PeekaWho…and it’s free! Lol Thanks a lot guys!

  66. It sure pays to check on Sunday afternoons 🙂

  67. i was lucky!!thank you!

  68. Haha,
    Just got ma free copy.
    Thanks a bunch aerize and berryreview.
    Made ma day 😀

  69. Why when I select “open” it opens Messages instead of the actual SMS?

  70. I’m surprised that I was still able to get it. Too bad I had already purchased peekawho a few weeks prior. Luckily, I was able to get it for $3.45 instead of the intro price or the new price now.

  71. I Got My Copy At 8:00 Clock In The Morning Thank You BerryReview And Aerize You Are The Best

  72. I Got My Copy Today At 8:00 Clock In The Morning Thank You BerryReview And Aerize You Guys Are The Best

  73. Thanks guys! I got my copy around 12am Oct-20-2008

  74. This promotion code has expired.
    I guess the 90 are done.

  75. I can’t find where to get Tech Support from Aerize. When I turn on my BlackBerry, such as in the Morning, Aerize bring up my old SMS messages, the same ones every time I turn on my BlackBerry. These are months old, and it is annoying having to dismiss them every time I turn on my BlackBerry. Can’t it just ignore them since they are months old?

  76. This is their contact form:

    They also post on crackberry:

  77. I am using v 1.0.2 of Aerize alerts with the bb 8330 and 2 of my other friends are to and after about 3 emails or text come in the outside of our screen will go white and you have to roll the trackball or click a different program to get the screen back to normal. Also when a sms comes in and you click read it goes to the messeges folder and not the sms folder. Love the progeam it helps out. Just thought I would let you know what it is doing to our blackberrys!!!!

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