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The guys at Pyxis let me know that your votes were tallied and they went forward with the SmartFlicks Netflix client for BlackBerry. They have officially released it in public beta and it looks really slick. I personally do not have Netflix so I cannot try it out but let us know if you do!

You can read more about the app at this link or signup to get the OTA download at this link.

Functionality includes:

  • Access the full Netflix library
  • Add DVDs to your Queue
  • Access movie and entertainment news and information, and soon, movie times, GPS directions to theaters and more.  

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  1. At over 500k this app is pretty big… I guess I still wonder why Netflix itself hasn’t offered a mobile version of their site yet.

  2. Would be cool if you could
    Stream video.

  3. I already ran into 2 bugs. In the app I twice got a configuration error popup because styleconfig was empty, and when trying Rental History the whole app crashed due to an exception error. I’m on on an 8320.

  4. Nikolaus- There is a Netflix mobile site ( , but I think this is the 1st mobile app. The site’s functional, but the app looks like it might be more visually appealing w/ more features.

  5. Works well, only thing is the recommendations dont work as it only lets you see the tile and then makes you add it to your queue without a synopsis. I also got an error message when I go to whats hot.

    I do not think a lot of testing was done with this at all.
    Like the menu option is “Drill down” what kind of GUI is that? Drill down is a technical term that you probably would use when developing it, not something you would leave on an End User application.
    Needs a lot of work. Getting uninstalled until it works better… how about a beta feedback option? I dont remember the website they want you to go to for it.

  6. Well I keep getting the same two errors when I try to use it. Tried to reboot several times but that didn’t help.

  7. BTW anyone with an PS3 or XBOX360 did you know you can watch Netflix instantly on your TV, not only on your computer? Check out a program called PlayOn found at

    I have used it and just love being able to stream Netflix to my HDTV/home theater via my PS3.

  8. I currently can’t do ANYTHING on this app. I log in, it says its configuring the application, then i get the error “config error- required config is empty: styleconfig”. FUN!! 😛

  9. Can’t get past authentication on my Bold. 🙁

  10. Ah, right, i have a bb curve 8310, btw.

  11. I can’t do anything with this now. It crashes every single time. Anyone else getting somewhere with this at all?

  12. Thanks, everyone, for your feedback. As a reminder, this is a brand new beta release, so some issues are being uncovered here for the first time.

    The big one appears to be the “config error” which is happening to 5 or so people. There is a possible fix for that in the FAQ at

    DBLTap: I checked your auth issue, and it appears that Netflix does not have a record of the email address you used to log in. I’ll contact you directly.

    Curtis: We are adding synopsis information. The API is new, so we’ll add along the way.

    And finally, again to Curtis and all… the beautiful thing about our applications is that you will not need to install any upgrades or patches as we fix and enhance the app. SmartFlicks builds on the device at runtime, so as we make changes, you get them by simply logging in. So, there is no need to “uninstall until its fixed.” You’ll be uninstalling and reinstalling the exact same code-base.

    We’re working hard to make this app strong, big and valuable to all of you. This kind of feedback is helpful. Please visit the Lab ( to keep the dialog going.

  13. Hey everyone,

    Thanks for downloading and trying to use the application. If you’d like to leave comments and issues you’ve found on the support site set up for the beta, you can find that here:

    We’re trying to figure out if these bugs are on our side or on the Netflix API side of things, so if you want to go the the support discussion and describe the issues, we can try our best to help. I’ve got it running on my 8830 and it’s working just fine right now. Maybe try refreshing the config and if you’re still seeing issues post on our site?

  14. Oh, and I just saw the first list of nominated enhancements. As a user of the product as well as part of the team, I would suggest not uninstalling it. This is going to get better and better.

  15. It seems to be working better now albeit a little slow Thanks for making this free app and I hope we can make it run smoothly.

    FYI for others viewing. Mine is working. BB 8330, Sprint, BES,

  16. For the folks having a problem with styleconfig, we think we caught the bug:

    See #5 on the FAQ at

    Let us know if this doesn’t do it.

  17. Bingo! Looks like that fixed it. Seems to be rockin now. Excellent support Chris. Thanks.

  18. I keep getting told that my login credentials are incorrect. I’ve tried Concumer BIS, Consumer TCP and all three of the credential types (Proprietary, None and Integrated) in the options but no difference in behavior.

    I checked, rechecked and double checked that I’m typing in the right credentials. And of course, the same credentials that I use to login to Netflix’s website are the same credentials pair I’m attempting in the app. Website works, pyxis app doesn’t.

    I certainly hope that this application is not passing in my device’s email address (the address used to sign up for the app in the first place) during the authentication process as that wouldn’t be correct. Perhaps that’s not what it’s doing but have not a clue as to why it thinks my credentials are incorrect.

  19. Hey BrakTalk – can you email [email protected] your Netflix login? Do not need the password so please dont email that.

    We can then confirm that your Netflix account is properly linked with our app.

  20. After visiting the Pyxis site earlier, I noticed another user had the same or similar problem. I re-entered my information with the same email as my Netflix login (although the form is a bit confusing since it suggests that Netflix logon and BB device email can be different when that actually isn’t the case if you want the app downloadable from an email sent to the device). I have the app functioning now in any case. Pretty good app from what I have seen so far. Although from a usability standpoint, it’s a bit quirky to have this ribbon at the bottom of the screen when there doesn’t appear to be any obvious way to get to those “icons”. I always find my self “escaping” back to the main menu and choosing the icon from there. See for a visual reference to the “ribbon” I’m referring to.


    Click the space bar. That changes focus to the icons at the bottom of the screen. For this and more important information, keep an eye on the FAQ at

  22. SmartFlicks Update!

    The application has been updated to include Movie Synopsis, enhanced Recommendations, and more.

    If you are a user: Log out (on the home screen) and log back in. You will see the changed. for more information.

  23. Ihave the same problem with login. Works on reg computer but same exact login won’t work on phone.

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