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Didiom Beta – Stream Music From Your PC To Your BlackBerry Free

didiombeta Didiom just let me know about a free new application they have released for BlackBerry. It lets you placeshift your music. Or in layman terms stream your music from your PC to your BlackBerry. They also incorporated a music store into the software letting you buy DRM free music but that seems to be a secondary feature. They even have a funky algorithm where you can bid for the price you are willing to pay for music and it will accept or reject your bid. Kind of like Priceline for music. It seems to be available for the 8300 & 8800 series now but they are showing pictures on their site of it running on a Bold.

Check it out at and let us know what you think in the comments!

Features include:

  • Placeshifting technology – Didiom lets you stream your entire digital music library – including your iTunes library and WMA tracks (excluding DRM music) – from your home computer to your mobile phone, wherever you are. No more tedious synching or out of memory errors, no searching for a WiFi network. Access your entire music collection, wherever you go.
  • Free to download – The Didiom application is available for over 200 different handsets (including Blackberry and Windows Mobile phones), is cross-carrier, and – starting today – is FREE to download from
  • Huge music catalog – there are over 1.5 million DRM-free tracks available to buy in the Didiom Marketplace, including the catalog of CD Baby, the world’s largest online retailer of independent music. Music can be purchased solely for your phone, your PC, or both. Our fixed prices start from 89¢ for a single track, $9.99 for an album. But you can also…
  • Name your own price – our “adaptive bargaining” technology lets you bid for music at the price you want to pay. A constantly changing, behind-the-scenes algorithm dynamically accepts or rejects the bid, and immediately lets you know if you secured your music track.
  • Try before you buy – Free 30 second samples of all tracks are can be streamed wirelessly. What’s more, you can share your favorites with friends (via email), and with other mobile Didiom users (mobile-to-mobile).
  • DRM-Free – did we say that before? All tracks available via the Didiom marketplace are DRM-free.
  • Innovative and easy-to-use – both Didiom’s handheld application and web site have won awards from organizations such as The One Show and the Horizon Interactive Awards
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  1. The program looks clean and promising. Pulls up my music on my computer and try to play it. To no avail it does not work. 🙁 hopefully some updates will make it work in no time.

  2. Linux desktop version please?

  3. Website seem to be down, or very slow. Is there an OTA install link? I could only find the .alx and .cod files to download and if I use BB Desktop Manager to install these to my BB then Desktop Manager has the nasty habit to downgrade/uninstall several of my apps against my wishes.

  4. Does this only work for US phones..
    I tried to install on my telus 8330 with no luck..

  5. I downloaded this on my Alltel 8330, but I can’t seem to get it to work. Everytime I try to search for my music it says it can’t find any.

  6. I got the same msg on my 8830, so i went ahead and disabled the fire wall and i was able to pull my music just fine, i hope that helps.

  7. well, my fire wall on my berry was already disabled, and I think i was able to disable the on eon my computer, but still no luck. thanks anyway!

  8. I tried this on my laptop with vista to no avail (Even after disabling firewall). Tried it on my old desktop with XP and its working. Anyone else have the same results?

  9. I got it to work right away, 8320 T-Mobile, 4.5, XP. But the sound quality is VERY low, I think I’ll just stick with my sd card for now.

  10. it works great on my 8300/at&t. no complains about the sounds quality. i changed the bitrate from 32 to 64kbps on the app.

    t-mobile isn’t even 3g. is it?


    Their customer service just contacted me saying that their previous version of the desktop application did have some difficulties with Vista, and the new version is available for download which has the problem fixed. I downloaded and reinstall the new package and everything goes well now.

    Btw, the sound quality is not bad afterall, all you need to do is set the bitrate in the MORE->OPTIONS.

  12. Johnson,

    thanks, can’t wait to try it out when I get back home. Hopefully it will work, program sounds awsome!

  13. not working for me… port forwarding setup on router, no Windows firewall. I can see my files and playlists but when I try to play something I notice ffmpeg.exe goes to 100% cpu then dies off and doesnt play. Any ideas?

  14. Well, it seems you are having some trouble with your OS. Ffmpeg.exe is a standard media format converter.

  15. I doubt there is a problem with my OS. I have had no problems with any other streaming software. Didiom installs ffmpeg.exe as part of the desktop install.

  16. 100% cpu usage for ffmpeg.exe is a good thing and something to be expected. The reason it stops working could be codec pack, corrupted media files, cpu overheating, or many others. Maybe the other streaming softwares work well because they don’t use ffmpeg. If you cannot figure out the problem, it might be a good idea to contact their customer service.

  17. I have not had any success with this on my AT&T 8300 running OS 4.5…my laptop is running Vista…and whenever I try to “stream music from my PC”, it just keeps saying “Your search did not match any music”…the firewall is disabled on my ‘berry…but nothing seems to be working…

    Suggestions, anyone?

  18. Hi Brent,

    If your Windows is 64bit, you need to uninstall, re-download and re-install their PC application again. I had the similar problem and contacted Didiom. They told me they have just fixed a problem with 64bit OS.

  19. i downloaded yesterday ..nov 7…my windows is 64 bit vista…i get the same message of cant find music….have the correct folders of all music on the list and the most recent version of itunes….its my blackberry…any help?

  20. just reloaded it all …save message

  21. same message….sorry

  22. Lou, can you browse their music store and preview songs? If not, maybe you just need to change your APN settings.

  23. tks…how do i figure out how to change the settings…thats not my expertise or close to it! i have verizon but thats all i know….any thoughts? tks

  24. Lou,

    Are your music files protected by itune drm? If so it cannot be accessed by Didiom appllication as well as the other third party software.

  25. it says service unavailable? i have a 8320 tmobile. and idk how to tell if its a 64bit? and mine computer is xp.

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