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AT&T Bold Event Fails To Launch… Michael Phelps & All – Signs Are Pointing To A Release Very Soon

IMG00015-20081016-2128 I just spent the better portion of my night at a AT&T launch event for the BlackBerry Bold in New York City. Sadly I had to stand around in line outside for over an hour and a half to even get into the event. The upside to the event is that everybody at the party is getting a BlackBerry Bold. The downside is that they are only getting them when AT&T finally gets around to releasing them. I hate launch parties when there is nothing actually launching… At least Michael Phelps was there to read from a badly scripted speech to lighten the mood along with some awesome food.

From what I could gather at the event AT&T is pretty vague about a final release date. None of the reps at the event would go even off the record but two of them hinted towards a launch in the next 30 days… (Don’t get your hopes up) On the other hand this past week AT&T pushed two new homescreen icons for AT&T Navigator & Yellow Pages mobile. Those at least point to a launch soon or at least the fact that AT&T is planning the launch…

IMG00009-20081016-2105 IMG00010-20081016-2106 IMG00011-20081016-2113 IMG00013-20081016-2118

Sorry for the grainy/terrible pictures. During the event I found that the iPhone 3G takes better low light pictures than my BlackBerry Bold’s camera. Also during the event the 3G connection on my Bold went haywire. I had full reception but all data packets were timing out… Very weird.


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  1. I heard the 21st might be the day… anyone else heard that?

  2. As long as the 3G is not fixed….I don’t want that device in my hands…the reason why I love my pearl is because it runs so solid and stable in my hands now. A bold with bad 3G is like a Ferrari without gas….

  3. Your Bold 3G probably tanked because of all the iP3G’s in the room. Bye-bye network! Regardless why, when their OWN device tanks at a launch event for it (even though yours is “foreign”), that’s NOT a good sign.

  4. Yeah it was really weird… Still trying to figure out what happened…

  5. Wow, talk about a major letdown to an already seriously flawed phone release…

  6. hello – i am at&t user in brooklyn, my bold works good but same camera crap. I got good deal, and at least my 3g works ok – hooked my up.

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