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Win a chance to get on CelebrityBlackberrySightings.Com

The folks at CelebrityBlackberrySightings.Com are holding a special, ‘Sight Your Own Sightings’ pictorial event where readers can submit snapshots of themselves with their Blackberry devices in pure paparazzi style. The winning picture will be posted on CelebrityBlackberrySightings.Com. Deadline for submissions is October 24th so start snapping away. This could be your chance to finally get noticed :0)

More information and picture submission details can be viewed at CelebrityBlackberrySightings.Com.

Have fun!

*Photo credit: CelebrityBlackberrySightings.Com

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  1. you’ve got to be kidding me. the last thing we need to do is idolize the paparazzi in any way, shape, or form. IMO what they do is despicable and harassment in its worst form.

    oh well, as long as it makes one of the many more childish blackberry nobodys feel like they deserve 15 minutes of fame… meh.

  2. It’s all in good fun and not to be taken too seriously.

  3. YOU’ve got to be kidding me. Many celebrities are overpaid attention whores who use the media to their benefit then mope and grumble when the nine-head monster turns against them. I am not interested in celebrity sighting, but they do deserve having paparazzi at their heels. What do they want? Just perks, no crap to put up with ever? Not in the real world.
    You should also pay attention to the many serious celebrities that have a much more professional attitude towards their work. How come they are targeted by the paparazzi a lot less often if ever? Respect is a two-way road. It also has to do with the kind of AUDIENCE that any given celebrity attracts. Serious professionals attract the interest of people who don’t give a rat’s ass about gossip and trifle. Silly phony celebrities catch the attention of the frivolous. At the end of the day, it’s just like drug dealing: if someone will buy, surely someone will sell. Who’s to blame then? The supply or the demand?
    None of which is relevant here, since it’s just a silly pasttime as Vicky just pointed out. I’m just saying that your view of a supposed “despicable” and “harassment” situation is somewhat short-sighted. It’s a game, it’s a pasttime, and most of the people involved in it are volunteers.

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