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Free Animated ‘Reflected Sunset’ Theme for 8100 & 8300

Now that theme designers have the ability to make animated themes, we’re starting to see more and more of them come about. ‘b1gg13’ from PimpMyBerry.Com designed this neat little theme called ‘Reflected Sunset’ for 81xx & 83xx devices running OS 4.5. The home screen image of the tranquil lake animates so that the water ripples and it’s actually a pretty cool effect. Other than that, it’s a bit simple in terms of fonts and overall design. However, you gotta give these designers credit for taking the time they do to create these themes, especially when they offer them for free.

YouTube video link of animation is below. Links to the OTA download are below the screenshot.

YouTube Video of Reflected Sun Animated Theme

OTA Link can be found here.

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  1. Regarding the “simpleness” of the theme…under the Beta 4.6 Themebuilder, all the “pretty” fonts cannot be used. Our hands are tied as to the font selection.

    This is a Great theme overall.

  2. Thanks for pointing out the font issue with 4.6 Themebuilder, Steve. I wasn’t aware of that. I’ve been in the advertising/graphic design industry for awhile so I do tend to look at fonts a lot :0)

  3. Thank you for reviewing my theme. As Steve said, I was limited in my choice of fonts.

    Thanks again for checking out my theme, I appreciate the kind words.

  4. Hi great theme but one problem with the clock, the PM and am only half the m is missing.

  5. Hi this is an awesome theme just downloaded it, the rippling water is cool but one thing is beside the clock only half the PM an am is showing.
    But I can live with that.

    Koodoo’s to the theme builder.

  6. Oops I should have said it is happening on my pearl Vicky, the half the m is missing.

  7. Thanks…Yeah it seemed to be fine when I tested it on my Curve…

  8. @ automan69

    I wasn’t informed of that issue by my 81XX tester. I will fix it and post up a new OTA download. Check the thread at PMB
    Ii will edit it to note the fix.
    I apoligize for that problem, I do try to get my testers to check that.

  9. Question:what is the home background animation? Is it a gif or something, I mean, is it replaceable whith another animation file? I tried with a gif but it doesn’t work, maybe it should be a special size or type.

  10. Thank you Vicky I will look for it.
    Just want to posted another one….lol
    This is the best theme I ever saw, I have tried a lot out and the icons you used are easy to see and understand.
    Not like some out there, but this one…like the (song) says ROCK’ROCK TOO THE TOP.
    So keep up the GREAT WORK.

  11. Actually B1gg13 designed this theme (I just posted about it) and takes all the credit :0)

  12. adi it is more involved than that, you cannot just use another animated gif file. Other files need to be made in composer and put into the theme via the theme builder software.

  13. I understand.

  14. I’ve just noticed a flaw in this theme style that comes from now on, the animated: I was using Opera and saw tghat the menus were flickering so much that I couldn’t tell what it said. The problem persisted even after uninstalling and reinstalling Opera. It took me a couple of days to realize that it has to be because of the theme. Now, after I changed the theme with a static one, everything is fine.

  15. I forgot to say that I’m using the os which seems to be stable in my opinion.

  16. Sorry, 69

  17. Flickering menus usually results from the use of transparent menus in a theme, not from the incorporation of an animated background.

  18. This theme, as you can see on your phone, has black background menus, it is not the case.

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