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Trapster Now live for Blackberry

2390133565_23dbe463ab A while back, I was using this application called Trapster and didn’t have much luck with it as it was a bit buggy, then in beta version. Now that trapster is out of beta and has gone live, it seems to work a lot better on my 8310. If you never heard of Trapster before, it’s a simple and easy to use application that alerts you on your Blackberry about speed traps or spots where you might get hit with a speeding ticket which is not only a good idea but usually will persuade users to be more careful and slow down a bit.

The application works with the help of users: they report speed traps to the Trapster database using a Blackberry with GPS and the location of a speed trap, and it is instantly updated so if someone else using Trapster passes by the same location, they are alerted before they get caught speeding.

Trapter is available for the Blackberry and other smart phones. You do have to create an account, but the service is free for all who sign up. Then you can also contribute reporting speed traps, speed camera locations etc.

Trapster for the Blackberry is available at

As a quick note, Trapster does state that it might not work on Verizon GPS enabled devices as it does on most GSM devices.

Thanks to the guys at for posting this.

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  1. “Might not work on Verizon”? Of course not, unless you have a Storm perhaps. 🙁

  2. Ooo! I’m getting this right NOW. Thanks for the info.

  3. I installed the Trapster App…and I can tell you why your battery died…

    If you notice, when you lock your phone, your screen should fade to black after a few seconds (if you have it set that way), BUT, if you keep watching it, the screen will come back on by itself. Then it will fade again and come back on in a fews seconds.
    I though for a little bit, and after trying to shut off the GPS and such, it still did it.
    I deleted the Trapster App, and the problem disappeared. now my battery stays chrged longer.
    I loved the app, but not worth draining my battery.

  4. Has anyone seen a battery life issue with this ?

    I just installed and the fully charged battery was drained in a few hours….

  5. Yes, I had the same problem, I just installed it today. I have an hour drive home through traffic so I tested it out on the way home, battery was pretty much full, now dead.

  6. Hey Justin/Tex…any app that’s pulling down a lot of data over 3G is going to have that issue. Trapster’s a client…so pretty aware of the battery related concerns. I know they recommend people use hands free car chargers for safety and to avoid draining the battery.

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