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RIM Offers Some Basic BlackBerry Shortcut Tips

I was reading up on my news today and found a knowledge base article from RIM detailing some basic but very critical shortcuts that everybody should know. This will be a refresher course for many but for those who are new to the BlackBerry these are very easy.

  • Perform a soft reset/reboot your BlackBerry
  • To display your PIN number
    • Type mypin and press the space key in any text field
  • Display your phone number
    • Type mynumber and press the space key in any text field
  • Display the version of BlackBerry Device Software that you are running
    • Type myver and press the space key in any text field
  • Display your signal strength as a numeric value
    • On the Home screen of the BlackBerry smartphone press and hold the Alt key and type nmll. For BlackBerry smartphones using SureType technology, type nnmll.
  • Confirm message delivery to another BlackBerry
    • Compose an email message and type <confirm> at the start of the subject line. If the email message has been delivered to the Blackberry smartphone, an email message appears in your inbox with the subject line BlackBerry Delivery Confirmation.

Let us know which ones you think RIM missed. Personally I am surprised they skipped the ALT+CAPS LOCK+H to open up the BlackBerry HELP! screen.

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  1. I wish there was a shortcut for auto-pasting my default email address in text fields while browsing. I get so tired of typing it in on all the blog sites. Akin to above we would need “myemail”.

    Better yet would be a scrollable list of text entries from the Blackberry button. So if I hit the button in a browser text field, a “text” popout menu entry appears that let’s me select from a list of predefined entries to use. Probably some 3rd party already wrote that app and I just haven’t found it yet.

  2. quick comment to see if any one knows whats up. but i was just testing the “myver” to see what would happen and all of a sudden it tells me i’m running That was a surprise to me since i have been running .69 for months now and NEVER updated to .81. Can anyone think of a reason it would update to .81 on its own? Weird.

  3. @ david b

    I created an auto text to type my email address. When I type a certain 2 letter sequence it automatically types the address.

  4. Thanks for the great info, Berryreview! Evremele how do you create the auto text? Thanks to all, and be well.

  5. @disciples0:
    AutoText entries can be added in the Options…AutoText menu.

    Thanks for the reminder I will try it.

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