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PeeKaWho Update. Now Supports SMS!

SmrtGuard has release a new version of PeeKaWho (email pop up notification app) which now covers SMS. The SMS pop ups work the exact same way as the email pop ups except you cannot determine which contacts will have a pop up and which won’t. A new feature is FollowUp. This is integrated into PeeKaWho but is a separate download to get it to work.

From The Developer: has 3 products, one of which is already on sale, but have a new version to be release:

PeeKaWho v1.159

Only download this if you have OS 4.3 or over. The other version will come when we actually fully release.

New in PeeKaWho – v1.159
– SMS popup showing sender address book name instead of number
– Followup! Integration (you can followup to emails from the popup, but you need to install FollowUp! as well, see below)
– SMS on/off
– Backlight on when popup arrives

As soon as I saw this, I downloaded it to give the newer version a try. It’s very quick on the notifications. The backlight comes on as soon as a pop up comes up, which is good for me because that’s what catches my attention while I’m at work. Not the red LED. Otherwise all you have to do it just uncheck the box for SMS to shut down the notifications. The developers notes state that PeeKaWho will show the senders address book name instead of their number but that hasn’t worked for me yet.

FollowUp v1.1 (Beta)…lowup_beta.jad

FollowUp is a great idea that SmrtGuard has decided to run with. They have integrated it into their PeeKaWho application. The only downside is that it’s a separate download to get it to work properly. I downloaded it and didn’t see anything that I does besides the two screenshots posted above. I did not get to see it actually schedule a FollowUp. Perhaps the reason is because it’s still in beta.

If you haven’t already downloaded it, you can try it free for 2 days through the BerryReview Store and if you like it, can purchase it for a small $6.95. SmrtGuard has some great ideas at hand and, personally, I am very excited to see the next application they put out for the BlackBerry.

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  1. there was actually another update last night 1.60 which corrected pretty much all issues plus added contact pics in the pop up as well as a new design for the pop up. follow-up beta works great too. so far no problems.

  2. Very excited for SMS, but when you select Open Inbox, it takes you to the general messages inbox, not sms. I like to keep mine separated.

  3. Currently RIM is not allowing 3rd party access to the SMS folder…per the developer.

  4. I installed app last night and its a keeper.

  5. Work-around to quickly navigate to SMS Inbox is to select Open Inbox button followed by ALT-s.

  6. Yeah, I like my SMS and Email inboxes separated too. That would be something that I would like to see them work on.

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