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Jim Balsillie Sounds Off On Storm

The National Post managed to get an interview with Jim Balsillie and ask him a few questions about the Storm and how it measures up to the iPhone. They did not make it into the original mention but they did catch them in a follow up.

Jim stresses that a reliable network, battery life, & good input device is what makes or breaks a phone. I agree since the iPhone has problems with AT&T, has a shoddy battery, though some people swear by the iPhone keyboard.

I think his main point is stressed in the paragraph below:

…And third, it’s the BlackBerry. It’s secure, it’s scalable, it’s global, it’s push, it interfaces with all the different, you know, Windows media … Apple iTunes, online music services, video, TiVo, social networking, MySpace, Facebook, we’re licensed on all five instant messaging environments, we do up to 10 e-mail, we do enterprise secure, we do web services enterprise and non-enterprise. It’s a BlackBerry … You can have your cake and eat it too. That’s the power of it.

Check out the rest of the follow up at this link.

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  1. He forgot:
    – you can multitask
    – you can cut and paste
    – 50% higher res camera
    – video recording with stabilization
    – you can expand memory
    – you can carry a spare battery
    – stereo bluetooth (the BT gateway anyone?)
    – and on and on

    Sure, I’m a Blackberry fanboy, but honestly other than Verizon haters what is NOT to like about Storm over iPhone? The only negatives in reviews so far have been the web browser. With more sites offering mobile optimized versions (auto-detected too), I don’t WANT the “full” web (with all its ads everywhere). I’ll take BerryReview Mobile Edition over the “full” site anyday, on ANY mobile device. I’m SAD I can’t get “mobile” versions of sites on my desktop (hint to FF devs!).

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