Review: JavoEdge Skin Case and JavoScreen 2.0 for Bold

Image001_xJavoEdge Skin Case: $12.95
JavoScreen 2.0 Screen Protector: $10.95

With the release of Blackberry Bold in many countries, more accessories are coming out. The kind folks at JavoEdge have sent me 2 JavoEdge Skin Cases (Black and White) and 2 JavoScreen 2.0 Screen Protectors(Anti Glare and Ultra Clear), all for Blackberry Bold. You can find detailed product info at JavoEdge Skin and JavoScreen pages. They retail $12.95 and $10.95 respectively. The skin case made out of silicon, it is very lightweight and resistant to dust, unlike many other skin cases I used from other brands. It has all the proper cut outs to access all the device ports/buttons.

The skin fits the device perfectly, with no bulk added. And the screen protector attaches with ease, no bubbles whatsoever. I like the anti glare screen protectors, as they are easier on the eye, easier to apply and easier to clean. If you are type of person who throws the device into his/her pocket, this combo works great. The only exposed parts are the keyboard and trackball. However, since this is not like a leather case, which you can get the device in/out frequently, there is no magnets to turn off the screen/lock the device, which was strike one for me. The next test was to check the keyboard. While it works mostly well, for my chubby fingers, the corner keys were hard to access. The case is not too thick, but still it adds enough height to cause issues for me.

Image003_x Image004_x Image002_x

After using it couple of weeks, I left the screen protector on (it is a must have for any devices you have) but had to switch back to my leather case, as I am not only worried about the keyboard/trackball, but I also like to lock the keys automatically.


JavoEdge Skin Case:


  • Lightweight
  • Fits perfectly with cutouts.
  • Protects well for accidental bumps


  • Doesnt’ cover keyboard or trackball, keys or change in pocket may cause damage
  • Little height added by the case makes use of corner keys harder.

JavoScreen 2.0 Screen Protector:


  • Easy to apply
  • Fits the screen perfectly
  • A must have


  • Ultra Clear one may leave bubbles if you are not careful

I’d recommend the screen protector for everyone. As for the case, it is very nicely done, but I prefer leather cases, as they offer full protection.


Here is the white skin case:

Image010 Image011

Here is the clear screen protector:

Image013 Image012

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