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OS For The Bold Found Online!

image Thanks to secret agents B, M, B1, E, A, and N for sending this one in. OS has been found online for the Bold 9000 device.

Check it out at this link

Let us know what you find!

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. Gee, I would just like to find a Bold here in the US from my carrier, AT&T. Little less getting the software update for a phone I don’t have isn’t too exciting.

  2. Hi I loaded 167 this morning and I found memory issues so I downgraded back to 162 as I have had no issues with 162 yet.I hear 170 is out there now too!!

  3. The link is very slow to download… 🙁
    Anyway thank you so much for the link. Still downloading….

  4. I found 162 to be extremely sluggish and horrid battery life. I’m going to try 167.

  5. I’m still on 92, will try this out. battery life will diminish if you leave “wifi” & “2G&3G” on as the device will constantly poll for a better network. I only turn on 3G or wifi when I need it, else I leave it on 2G. (btw, this is the same issue with the iphone)
    The code should be changed to poll for better signal every hour or so, rather then every X minutes.

    if you have an unlocked Bold, works fine in the US. I run mine on t-mobile & on at&t (w/ vodafone)

  6. Apparantly, is also out….

  7. well so far I can say, it’s a whole lot faster then 92, I’m liking that. only issue I so far ran into….to get twitterberry to work, I had to re-install 0.6 then install 0.7 again. (as it wasn’t saving the username)

  8. came from .162, and Yes there is a small decrease in Memory approximately 7-9 megs, After you get past the initial 5 minute slow down upon installation it runs faster then .162, Free memory isnt everything, my guess would be they dedicated additional memory to specific parts of the system. .162 fixed blue tooth for me for the most part, still a little flaky. .167 fixed it all, i tried provoking an error using Bluetooth headphones + music + MSN + GPS on google maps all at the same time, and i didnt even see the hour glass once, (except for the program launch of course) the memory leak from .162 seems to be fixed too, i found my memory took a 20meg hit when i had it on 2G+3G mode, selecting 2Gonly or 3Gonly seemed to correct it.

    Running Solid on 3G also, yes Battery life is pretty low on 3G, but if your concerned about it , lower it to 2G when your not using your internet, i can get about 3-4 days of use that way.

  9. .167 did no good at all for me. More sluggish than .162. The hourglass more often. Looks like it have issues with the internet browser, sometimes I have to take a battery pull to regain access to my bold.

    Had 51MB free on .162, now 32 on .192

    Installed Opera Mini, and internet speeded up again, but the internet browser is still sluggggish and a lot of the time completely useless.

    Back to .162 for me! (Or perhaps .170 is here sooon?)

  10. seems to be alive and well somewhere.
    Anyone know where (that can hint, and not just taunt?)

  11. NE1 run into out there and know of a link for?

  12. dont know if 167 is better from 162 but from the reviews, I am not going to bother. Found 168 but havent tried

    heard that 170 and 171 alive but so far talk only so probably untrue.

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