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Poll Results: Alternative To BlackBerry

Greg ran a great poll a little over a week ago and I thought others would be interested in the results. Greg asked all of you what OS based device you would switch to if RIM & the BlackBerry were no longer a viable option.

The shocking part is that the unreleased and just announced Google Android OS (1st) beat out the Apple iPhone OS (2nd) by 1 vote even though both had 29% each. Windows Mobile surprisingly came in third with only 19%.

Symbian came in 4th with 6% and Palm took last with 5%. The funny part is that 12% voted that live would no longer hold any meaning if the BlackBerry ceased to exist.

[poll id=”10″]

I will let you draw your own conclusions from the results but feel free to sound off in the comments. All I can say is that I am shocked to see readers so disillusioned with the competition that they would rather a unreleased/untested OS compared to WM or Palm.

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  1. “All I can say is that I am shocked to see readers so disillusioned with the competition that they would rather a unreleased/untested OS compared to WM or Palm.” Could that be because a good number of current BlackBerry users have used WM or Palm OS devices in the past? 😉

  2. Hmm…I can’t remember voting on this poll, BUT if I had it would have been for the gPhone. IMO, the iPhone is so seriously limited by Apple that it’s almost more of a beta than the yet to be released gPhone! And having been a Verizon customer for closing on 15 years, to make such a “life change” I wouldn’t be going to something that’s even MORE restrictive than Verizon is with their devices.

  3. “All I can say is that I am shocked to see readers so disillusioned with the competition that they would rather a unreleased/untested OS compared to WM or Palm.”

    Have you ever used WM or Palm?

  4. There is no disillusionment, I assure you. You are simply seeing the results of past Windows Mobile and Palm OS phone users who have vowed never to return to such pathetic instability in a mobile phone device…. myself included. Chances are the ones who would, are the ones who have never had a Windows Mobile or Palm OS device as a phone, or at least, not for very long. I’d take an Android phone over either one of those in a heartbeat, without a bit of hesitation. And I’m a full-time .NET developer and very happy Windows PC user in case anyone questions my motives.

  5. I had a Nokia N95 before I had my Berry and I loved it. If I could no longer have my BB (which I love more), I’d absolutely switch back to Symbian. If for no other reason than I’m very familiar with it and it works for me.

  6. To all,
    I have used both the palm OS and WM OS and both left me wanting. Especially after I tried going from the BlackBerry to a windows mobile phone like the blackjack. I also have an ipod touch so I hate the limitations by apple.

    I just did not realize that the Gphone would trump them all!

  7. Symbian and WM have been around a while, and their deficiencies are well known.
    That’s why the “anything but that junk” vote for Android.
    Thank goodness the question polled was hypothetical.
    RIM Rules 🙂

  8. Symbian and WM have been around a while. iPhone represents a company bringing a half-baked gizzmo to market riddled with shortcomings.
    Hence the vote for “anything but these” unknown Android.
    Thank goodness the poll question was hypothetical.
    RIM Rules 🙂

  9. Thank you all for your input and replies. I would agree with most of your comments here and in the poll… Most BB users have at least tried WM or Palm OS’s (if they haven’t migrated) myself included.
    I have an iPhone (1st Gen unlocked) and would probably go over to that barring no BlackBerry. I would NEVER go back to WM as the problems and issues I had with the OS on my old O2 and iMate devices were twice daily minimum.
    I wouldn’t jump to Android yet as it’s too unproven but that is not saying I wouldn’t look at in the future. (I should have included an anything bar the listed options in the poll… Next time… 🙂 )

  10. I voted for the Palm. I have a Palm TX and I really like it except for a few deal breakers, namely:
    – it’s too unstable when Wifi is on;
    – it’s not a phone;
    – Treos are phones, but they’re too big and clunky.
    But hey, at least the Palm platform has a ton of nice applications, unlike the SpartanBerry. Phones are becoming computers, so they’re only as good as the applications they can offer, and the Blackberry platform lacks in that area.
    I’ve heard that the Treos are considerably more stable, so they would be my second choice.
    Android? Maybe someday, but not now.

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