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OS For 8100 & 8300 Found Online

detectivestockThis is a unexpected tip from our secret agents. Turns out that this latest OS is only available for the original 8100 & 8300 devices currently. Not sure what is new but hell its a version bump for us so that makes it new. 🙂



Thanks again to our secret agents! Let us know if you notice anything different.

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. Just wanna try it

  2. Most devices have been updated. The 8100, 8300 and 8800 were just updated first. Caught them as they were updating.

  3. Oh yes, not seeing much different, just a few more hanging moments randomly.

  4. where can i find it for 8310?

  5. Whats up with the 8330 updates?

  6. Anyone run into the issue the BB Desktop Manager does not update your BB after you download a newer OS? My update did not get installed to my BB by Desktop Manager, rather it just sat there.

  7. Any links for the 8320?

  8. Should see it for the 8310 in the next day or so….

  9. This totally ALMOST worked, I have lost faith in installing an OS system that comes on here because it never works and if it works there is always bugs. At the end of the update it says “a fatal error has occurred during update, please update again later” or something along the lines of that. DO NOT KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON & I’M DOING EVERYTHING RIGHT!

  10. Abe, It can only be localized to your setup there. These updates have worked with my setup everytime with absolutely no problems, as for many others. I use DM 4.6 (Public Release). As for Bugs, make sure you read the Note in the post’s. These are not public release versions and will invariably have some bugs or inconsistencies, as the Carriers will finalize any code version they test with RIM to suite there particular Network. You install these at your own Risk, so cannot be held accountable for any issues you may experience. are only feeding back what has been found out there.

  11. Abe, I have the same problem as you. I have tried everything to make it work
    1. does anyone know what this upgrade changes? (is it worth it)?
    2. does anyone know why it gives a ‘fatal error’?

  12. This updated fine, BUT the camera is broken, again, just like it was a few versions ago, over exposure in daylight

  13. Nobody else? What is new in behavior, browsing experience, capabilitiea? Is it true that the vanera messed again? I remember that ps flaw, the camera was unusable.

  14. Unstalled it! Absolutely nothing changed, not even a small detail, this must be a joke. Shame! By the way, the camera is working fine.

  15. Why all these clandestine os’s? Why don’t they have specs and all? This is the only thing that makes me sad about my BB.

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