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WildCharge Wireless Charger FINALLY Coming October 6th

wildchargeblackberryimage-1.jpgWildCharge is really starting to yank my chain. Almost a year ago to this day WildCharge promised a slightly convoluted wireless charging solution for the BlackBerry. It was promised to come soon on October 19th 2007!!! Just to give you an idea their promotional images back then showed the 7130 with a custom battery cover.

Today I just read a press release from them that their wireless charging solution will be released for the Curve and the Pearl on October 6th. Can’t say I believe them but is this really worth the mouth watering it caused a year ago?

They are promising a protective gel case that builds in the WildCharge solution. You then put your Berry on their charging pad and it will charge by contact…

All I can say is what is taking so long!!!

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  1. Something like this seems cool if you have multiple portable devices, they each use a different charger, and it supports all of them. Until we’re there (or close) the utility is low and only gadget freaks will be their market?

  2. Totally agree with you. They shouldn’t have talked it up for so long. It
    should be: Idea>Patent>Develop>Prototype>Certify>Produce>Hype>Sell.
    It still has physical contact via the 4 terminals on the back that are
    positioned in such a way that any 2 of them will contact a + and – at the
    same time.
    One charger that has really caught my attention is the one on an electric
    toothbrush (now I’m getting waay off track 🙂 ). Braun have developed a contactless (read: no metal contact) induction type charger for it. Great design and revolutionary. (This type of power transfer however can be very energy hungry).
    Truly though, I don’t think there will be too many out there that
    will pay $89 for this. Not when you have to put that bulky plug on the back.
    Maybe if it was incorporated in the back cover then they might have
    Sorry to be so opinionated.

  3. to Greg Myers : the problem with induction charging is that the device that is charged has to containt a heavy metal part (the one that will rotate during the charging) that must have sime kind of circular shape.

    The principle is the opposite of the electrical engine, with a magnet (on the charging dock).

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