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Poll: Are You Using BES Or Do You Only Have BIS?

For awhile I have wondered if most BerryReview Readers are running their device on a BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) or they only use BIS (BlackBerry internet server). BES has traditionally been for corporate users and BIS has been targeted towards BIS users. We posted a FAQ article earlier this week detailing the differences between BES & BIS.

I know many people use BIS for their personal email along with their BES so I made sure to include that option in the poll. I have also added BPS (BlackBerry Professional Server) & BlackBerry Unite! to the mix just so we get a full accounting. Let me know if I missed any options in the comments. We just want to know what percentage of BerryReview readers are running what BlackBerry service on their device. That way we can better understand our readers.

My hypothesis is that about 30% of readers are on a BES with 65% just using the default BIS for their emails. I would put the other 5% in others such as BPS and Unite! At least that is what I have been assuming until now.

So let me know if I am wrong!

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  1. running BES at home primarily for calendar/contacts sync and backup. also syncs with my work calendar.

    also use BIS for other personal accounts.

  2. I’m on a hosted BES, but still maintain BIS for other accounts.

  3. I’m using BIS for everything.

  4. Haha! I’m on BIS, I’m not nearly important enough to be on a BES,lmao!!

  5. For me, it’s none of the above. I’m only using the Gmail app right now.

  6. BES + BIS for me.

  7. I use BIS. I am a retired journalist, but I didn’t get a BB until after I retired. I began lusting for a BB while watching Court TV trial reporting. I decided I’d rather pay for BIS than cable TV. No regrets.

  8. Your poll needs to add one more category: Those who used their PIN to get the Small Business edition of BES – I run it at my home office to with a local Exchange and use BIS AND Desktop Redirector to get all the other accounts re-focused on to our Berries.

  9. @ William
    You use the small business edition of BES? I wonder how many people are doing that instead of BPS? Any idea what the differences are?

  10. I did not now it was possible to use BIS and BES…
    Does your carrier needs to support that? I have BES but would love to connect my Gmail to BIS since I don’t like the native BB Gmail app.

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