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Experiences With Bold On AT&T? Sound Off

After getting back from my holiday I was reading a post by Kevin @ CrackBerry that DavidB sent me. It looks like Kevin’s visit to NYC with his Rogers Bold was a nightmare. This is kind of odd for me since I have been using an unlocked Rogers Bold on AT&T and it has been a true pleasure. Other than not having 3G in my apartment (bad reception in my apartment in general) the Bold has been working like a charm for me in Manhattan.

After speaking to Kevin I found that he was roaming in NYC with a Rogers SIM. Maybe that is the problem AT&T is having? He gave the phone to Craig after who is using an AT&T SIM and has not been having as many problems but it still seeing random reboots and dropped calls. Kevin also told me that the original OS from Rogers sucked when it came to viewing regular websites with javascript enabled but has improved since.

I am running OS on my Bold and have been getting 3G practically everywhere in NYC. The browser has not given me one problem yet… (Crossing my fingers) The battery life is decent at about a day and a half of heavy use. There is still a memory leak but with 32MB of free memory I don’t feel it as much.

The craziest part is that the Bold has the best reception in my apartment compared to ANY OTHER DEVICE I have ever used! I get 3-4 bars in my apartment where my AT&T 8310 only had 0-2 bars. Even Verizon & Sprint only have 1-2 bars in my apartment. I thought it was a fluke but I can now make crystal clear phone calls where previously I sounded like a tin can! The only downside is that in my apartment I can only pick up EDGE and not 3G but WiFi more than makes up for it.

So I have to ask. Did I just get lucky with my Bold? If you are using an unlocked Bold on AT&T let us know what you have seen in the comments!

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  1. Halevy, what I don’t understand or seem to be missing, are you using the same firmware as Kevin/Craig?
    There is a new firmware out there now and it’s the .162 build at:
    From the comments posted, 2G dominates and the high speed is no longer high speed. (comment #9 by Buzz)
    My question: can you give that a run and see if it makes any difference? also would that eliminate the random dropped calls and reboots for Kevin’s Bold?


  2. I’ve been using an unlocked Rogers Bold in the Orange County area (just outside of LA) for about a month now with no issues. Aside from going through different builds; some better with keeping a 3G than others, I’ve had no major issues. With every build, I see things like constant switching from edge, EDGE and 3G but the recent build of .162 seems to be holding 3G pretty well.

  3. I am still using and it is working like a charm. I am kind of skittish about upgrading since it has been working so well…

  4. Unbranded unlocked in NYC. No issues with .147. Holds 3G and good battery life

  5. Using Bold Asian version I bought on EBAY. Works great, 2G, 3G, EDGE! Only problem I have is that Privus Mobile (caller I’d program) worked on my 8820 but not the BOLD.

  6. I have been using an export model of the Bold and have experienced no problems with it. The 3G speed and browser make using the mobile Web a much improved experience.

    My AT&T licensed reseller invited me to take a look at the Bold this past Friday. After seeing the screen, hearing the stereo sound, and after waiting for so long for AT&T to release the Bold, I bought phone on the spot. The sales rep activated the phone and set up the Email for me while I was in the store. By the time I had left, I had 200 E-mails that had downloaded to the phone.

    The phone is AWESOME!!! I’m glad I sprung at the chance to buy the Bold.

  7. If one is using an unlocked Bold acquired outside the US with a US AT&T sim card, how do you get software and firmware upgrades?

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