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Bold OS Found Online

detectivestockAnother tip from our secret agents brings us OS for the BlackBerry Bold AKA 9000 device. The release was pretty solid with its smaller memory leak issue but hopefully that will be improved in this version.

Bold OS was found at:


Let us know what you find!

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. We need .93 for 8310!

  2. Does this OS still have the Quincy app?

  3. We need real feedback from Bold users (the phone I mean…) because if this version works on the AT&T network, then that confirms the November launch.
    God only knows how long they’ve been pushing the release date back…

  4. I think all these recent OS leaks are in prep for the inevitable AT&T launch. AT&T just needs to approve the OS and you will get your release. Go Canada baby!

  5. I installed today memory leak is much better but what I am noticing is it stays on 2 G alot more now. I am on the Rogers network.

  6. what about beejive + wifi? does it work together?

  7. Near panic attack here. Rogers/RIM having a server issue here. Any data plan changes take forever to go through. My sales rep accidently sent a change through JUST as I was installing 162. Thought it hooped my phone.

  8. Put this on my Bold last night, I also noticed that it seems to favour 2G more – I’m in a very strong 3G area – signal strength is normally all bars but its drifting up and down quite frequently – its certainly different to the previous OS version.

  9. hmmmm – u guys have me wondering if this one is worth the dload???

  10. I tried installing it but my device still says as the OS. Did I do something wrong? All the package did was reinstall Blackberry Device Manager to the system.

  11. I tried installing it but my device still says as the OS. Did I do something wrong? All the package did was reinstall Blackberry Device Manager to the system.

    – To install a OS update from a different carrier you have to delete C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\VENDOR.XML first.

    Been using Bold OS for a couple of days now on the Softbank network. No 3G-2G problem. stays 3G most of time. Music player via bluetooth switching back and forth with email and other apps no longer freezes the OS like versions Bold OS and before.

    On the hold, I guess I wont be chucking the bold away for the E71 after all. It works just fine now.

  12. I found that .162 made my battery drain. I would always get Data transfer arrows constantly when on 3G. I went to .156 and that’s not happening anymore.

  13. I bought my bold Yesterday origenal OS i belive was From rogers.
    I was having the Bluetooth + Blackberry messenger OS freezing Issue that i recall 1 person talking about, as well as the multible White screen with Tiny error codes with a small reset butten, i saw 2 different error codes.
    HUGE memory leaks, Java errors caughing my programs to not show up, it was quite shocking consitering i hold a high respect for rims.
    Just updated to this OS .162 Flawlessly, i didnt remove the Vender file, i left all as is, so lets give a test run, and i shall repost later with my findings ^_^

  14. Sorry for the 1 quick posts , but first thing i noticed was that when i move the trackball on the main menu, or in the list of my programs, its very sluggish, after i slide my thumb, takes a 1second for it to get to its destination, anyone having that aswell?

  15. Xaroc…that is normal for about 5 minutes, disregard that last comment and tell us real feed back like…battery life, 3G vs 2G issues, program installation, speed, stability, memory leaks and stuff like that.
    That issue you are talking about happens all the time with my Pearl when I take out the battery without a complete TURN OFF for my phone. After 5 minutes it goes away and everything is back to normal, during that time…you will notice the memory availability keeps on going down till it stabilizes….

  16. I deleted the VENDOR.XML file but Blackberry Desktop Manager still doesn’t seem to give me any sort of option to upgrade the OS on my device to from I even “repaired” my installation of Blackberry Desktop Manager but still no option to update my OS. 🙁

  17. Amir Saad. i wont disregard my last post because its feedback i wish to post, im sorry you dont like it, tough cookies :P.

    So when installing my OS i didnt remove the Vender file or anything, i removed a lot of what the OS installed such as multi language support and games and so on to keep memory fairly free.
    It has fixed all my White Screen Errors from the origenal OS, also Fixing my Bluetooth Freezing upon getting a message.

    My Application memory dropped to 44megs during last night, woke up this morning and was 55megs free, and Currently as i post its sitting at 52.4megs. The only issue i have thus far is Blackberry Messenger.
    When chatting with a Contact, i often see the loading ticker in the middle of the screen, almost every message sent, trying to change an option within the BB messenger during a Conversation seems to make the changing of options a little sluggish with the ticker again showing up, when normally it changed immediately.
    I have never seen it Drop from its 3G state, only 1 time it moved to “edge” because i was in an area for a quick second with no reception.

    Other then that minor problem i found (which is easy to work with) everything seems to be in tiptop shape

    P.S: Amir saad. I hope this Feedback Pleases you this time around :/

  18. .167 rom can be found at

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