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PeeKaWho – Email Notifier/Popup On Your BlackBerry

I am not sure how we missed this application, but we are human. 🙂 Thanks to Frank for bringing it to our attention. Turns out that a small developer, Orion North America, released an application that essentially lets you set a popup email notifier that will let you know when you get an email while you are in any application. I am not sure exactly how well this works, but it is innovative. It is also reasonably priced at $6.95 in the store with lifetime upgrades. There is also a 2-day trial available that should let you get a feel of the application. I get so many emails on my BlackBerry making this application impractical, but let me know what you think.

peekawho_screenshot_1 peekawho_screenshot_2 peekawho_screenshot_3

From the description:

Don’t you wish BlackBerry had an email notifier popup like the one you are used to in MS Outlook or Gtalk Notifier (Growl on the Mac). Stop wishing and get PeeKaWho. With it, you can get critical information from your emails fast. With PeeKaWho, you can see who is emailing (with brief email body) while drafting another email, playing your favorite game or other tasks on your BlackBerry.

peekawho_screenshot_4 peekawho_screenshot_5


  • Able to get email notifier popup from any application on your BlackBerry (even Homescreen).
  • Able to configure popup so you only see popup from the people matters to you.
  • Able to configure and disable popup so you don’t see popup from certain applications (i.e. – no popup while you are trying to dial a phone number or answer a call)
  • No setup fuss. No pain. It Just Works!
  • Complete integration with the existing email program.
  • FREE LIFE TIME UPGRADE – as long as you own your current device (SAME PIN)
  • ———————————-
  • New to Version 1.12
  • No more APN settings, activation is easier.
  • Fade time is longer, up to 60 seconds
  • Fixed button problem on 87xx series running OS 4.5
  • Now includes a 2 day full trial
  • ———————————-
  • New to Version 1.14
  • Minor bug fix on saving auto fade time in v1.12
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  1. In the mobihand stores the Curve 8310 is set as “not supported”.
    I still bought it and guess what: It works like a charm.

  2. been using this app for a few now and it just works great , it was cheaper when i bought but worth the cash it works.

  3. Seems kind of pointless to me, since bb already has email notification, and it takes all of five seconds to check who emailed you … but to each his/her own I guess …

  4. How does this work when the phone is locked or with content protection on? Does it skip the alert?

  5. I’ve been using it and it’s great. If your keyboard is locked, you’re in standby, or it’s in the charging cradle, it will still notify you.

    Yes, the BB does have email notification but I like it cause I can glance at my BB and see a quick preview of the email. Or, if I’m typing an email, I can see who an incoming email is from without leaving my composed message.

  6. I’d love this for sms messages instead of email.

  7. I am using this application and really like it. I heard the developer is planning for SMS notifications in future releases.

  8. Here’s the problem with PeeKaWho. It only works with BB app email. Does not work with Mobile Gmail.

  9. Fred, just shoot your gmail over to BIS.

  10. I will give it a try, but at well over a hundred emails a day I suspext I will become annoyed by it.

  11. Hey, DavidB. It doesn’t seem annoying to me. Read the article again:
    * Able to configure popup so you only see popup from the people matters (sic) to you.
    * Able to configure and disable popup so you don’t see popup from certain applications.
    We have a proper review in the works, expect it tomorrow or Thursday.

  12. Tried Gmail from BIS. PeeKaWho does not work with gmail via BIS

  13. Hmmm. I tried it with security time-out and the app doesn’t popup the notification, the same result with password keyboard lock. I suppose you can’t circumvent RIM’s security settings but since my Blackberry is always security locked, it pretty much seems useless.

  14. @Luciano:
    So 1 at a time I have to pick through 500+ contacts and decide which subset I want to pop up? That might be over a hundred that I would consider important enough.
    And the app selection only let’s you choose from standard RIM apps. Not other apps you have installed. So if you want to be left alone while in Viigo, seems to be no way.
    Just playing devil’s advocate. Yeah, I have mine security locked too and this (good) doesn’t bypass BBOS security. So of limited utility to those who lock.

  15. @Fred, it works for me with GMail on BIS.
    I guess you’ll just have to be more selective. I have about 100 contacts, but I’m adding no nore than a dozen to my popup list. The other people can wait. If you have 500 contacts, maybe you should go with two dozen VIPs. Much more than that just doesn’t make sense. Just uncheck the restricted list or forget PeeKaWho altogether.
    Now, what difference does it make? If you have security timeout or keyboard lock on right now, chances are you are NOT looking at the screen. PeeKaWho isn’t made for people who aren’t looking at their screens. PeeKaWho is meant to give you a heads up whenever you’re doing something else on your device, but looking at your screen.

  16. @luciano
    The point is moot because as it is, there will be no application that can (or should) circumvent BBOS’s security. If it could, I would think it to be a great way to have some sort of “pager mode” with incoming emails so you can whip your security locked device out of your pocket and see at a glance the message without unlocking. As you have said, it isn’t intended for this type of use and it can’t be done, so I agree that it isn’t intended for this audience.

    As for being notified while I am working in another app, I have my second convenience button mapped to the App Switcher so bouncing to the Messages app isn’t too big a deal. But you can’t do this while you’re already in the Messages app (e.g., composing or reading an email) so this is a nice little feather for PeekAWho.


  17. Heh heh. Did I say “feather?!” I meant to say “feature!” What on earth was I thinking…

  18. Intermittent is even more troubling. Gmail works for u on BIS and doesn’t for me. How’s the buyer suppose to know??

  19. I got this when it was cheaper… it is working sporadically and doesn’t work at all when I’m in Viigo, which was primarily why I bought it. They seem to be releasing updates quite often, though, so I’m just hoping for a fix soon. Until then, I’m disappointed.

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