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Agendus For BlackBerry Officially Released!

agendus I don’t know how this flew under the radar but Ed @ Brighthand managed to catch it. We mentioned the Agendus for BlackBerry beta back in July but the full version has now been released to very little aplomb. Iambic really needs to do some PR & advertising. The application looks stunningly well designed and the price point of $19.95 is perfect. Any previous Palm or Windows Mobile user can tell you about Agendus so I wont go into detail. There is a trial available so definitely check it out before you buy.

From the description:

Agendus for BlackBerry brings to BlackBerry phones the pragmatic features and functions that have made Agendus our flagship title on the Palm OS based Treo/Centro so successful, as well as Windows Mobile and Symbian UIQ phones: It tightly integrates the built-in calendar, tasks, and contacts, and is intuitive to use.

Agendus for BlackBerry: PIM Meets RIM.

Our award winning PIM (personal information manager) has paired up with RIM’s (Research in Motion) BlackBerry devices to provide a fully integrated, productivity enhancer that’s easy to deploy and intuitive to use. Enthusiastically embraced by Palm OS and Windows Mobile users, Agendus has been especially tailored to work seamlessly on BlackBerry devices where it taps into the built-in data storage to pull information into the Calendar, Contacts and Tasks. Agendus also smartly adapts to your BlackBerry’s look, taking on the colors, styles and themes already being used. Like Peanut Butter & Jelly, or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Agendus and the BlackBerry are two great tastes that taste great together!

The following is a quick rundown of some of the things that make Agendus Shine.

  • Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks Integration. Agendus ties together the most frequently used applications on your phone, so you get more things done using fewer (in most cases half) button presses. Because personal information is readily accessible, you won’t be bogged down switching in and out of applications to get to the Calendar, Contact and Task information you need.
  • Many Viewing Options. Agendus has always offered users a number of options for how information and activities are displayed. The BlackBerry version includes an at-a-glance view of the day ahead that includes Meetings, Tasks, recent messages and calls, and OTA information such as Weather and Quote of the Day. There are also views for one day, a week (list and grid mode), a month (expanded), as well as views for Tasks and Contact information (list and expanded). All of these options let you tailor Agendus to work in a way best suited for your needs
  • Plug and Play. Simply download the software and you’re good to go! No additional set-up is required. The application immediately populates with the data already found on your BlackBerry once installed.
  • Data Safe. Rather than completely replacing the Calendar, Contact and Task applications that come equipped on your BlackBerry – Agendus taps and enhances them! By reading/writing to the same data storage location that the built-in applications use, all the same personal data found in Agendus can also be found in the built-ins and vice versa.
  • Sync Easy. This powerhouse works hand-in-hand with the synchronization set-up you currently have established, so you can seamlessly replicate the personal data within Agendus on your mobile to your desktop mail client by performing routine syncs.
  • Desktop Companion Available. If you enjoy using Agendus on your BlackBerry, you’ll also enjoy using Agendus on your PC.
  • Filter. Sort. Find. Fast! Get to the information you want, when you want. Adjust your view display or quick filter by entering letters for a keyword search.
  • Wireless Capabilities. While on-the-go, retrieve weather forecasts, Quote of the Day, and This Day in History facts all through your wireless network connection.
  • 100% Theme Friendly. Agendus automatically adjusts itself to conform to the theme (color, styles) already in use by your BlackBerry.
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  1. Far from “perfect”… it only uses TCP/IP, not BIS…..

  2. How does it compare to Pocketinformant?

  3. Ummm…..yeah, the trial doesn’t work. The download creates an icon on my BB, but nothing happens when I press it. And they expect us to pay $19.95 for this garbage? Get real, and try to make an app that actually WORKS?!?!

  4. Liz,
    Works fine for me. What device/OS you have? I like it and better than PI.

  5. bmartin, I have and 8830/4.5
    Please don’t tell me they haven’t gotten it to work with 4.5 yet?

  6. hehe, I have the exact same device…8830 with 4.5. Absolutely no problems. I was asking because their Sys Req state 4.2 and above…was making sure you had at least 4.2.

    It’s a little slow in places, but they say their working on that. Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling and using the latest release?

  7. Installed, uninstalled, reinstalled like 4 times already. The latest version too. I guess I’m SOL. Either way, that’s my experience with it. Good thing I downloaded the trial before buying it!

  8. I wonder if your memory is running low? Agendus (as with any PIM app) has to load data from Calendar, Contacts and Tasks at once, thus requiring more memory than most apps.

  9. Hi Liz,
    This is Michael from iambic. I’ve read over these comments and am certainly concerned as to why you’re unable to launch Agendus on your 8830. Have you checked your memory as bmartin suggested? Do you happen to have another 3rd party PIM replacement installed? Who is your wireless carrier? What network type do you have BES/BIS or neither?

    Currently we are aware of some network connectivity limitations that “could” possibly cause launching problems. Can you please see try this for your carrier and then try launching again?

    This particular issue is a top priority and currently being worked on. We would appreciate any continued attempts you may be willing to try.

    Finally, if you haven’t done so already, please visit our AGBB forum for help from other users and our staff as well.


  10. I did work 1/2 the for me when I tested it.

    But the program kept locking up my Curve.

    I emailed their support and never heard back. There site is geared to devices other then the Blackberry. Under device I had to select other.

    The concept is good, but not worth the download effort at this time.

  11. Only works with pop3 email/calendar, which I don’t use, instead of my office email/calendar via enterprise server. That’s no good for me. Can I get a refund

  12. Tim & terri,
    I’m sorry to hear these problems. We’re not able to reproduce any inconsistent functionality.

    Regarding the email/calendar. Currently AGBB uses the default email account. It is not a matter of POP/corporate email and is a problem on OS 4.5 devices. We will be adding support for multiple calendars in a future update.

    We will be posting a new beta later today 10/22/2008 and it brings some resolutions that might help for it to function better for you. Additionally, we will continue to have updates regularly.

    Certainly you can get a refund. Just visit and contact the sales staff.

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