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California Outlaws Text Messaging While Driving

Its times like these that I am glad I live in Manhattan without a car. I rented a car two weeks ago and tried to check an email while I was driving and realized how distracting it was. I can only imagine if I was trying to type a response…

With that said Paul just sent us an article that as of last week you will get fined in California for writing an SMS while driving. The first offence is $20 with repeat offenses being $50. I guess this is in response to the train accident that was supposedly caused by the conductor sending an SMS.

My question is how will a police officer know if you are typing an SMS or just checking an email or even more so using a voice activated app like Vlingo?

via LA Times

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  1. The Commie “legislators” in Sacramento are on a roll, and busy trying to control everything including when you move your bowels right now.
    I’d like to see the pigs enforce this “law”.

  2. I am a Californian and I think it’s stupid that a law had to be passed to keep idiots from texting and driving in the first place. Wouldn’t common sense tell you to actually focus on DRIVING? Cars are big, heavy, expensive things after all. They aren’t bumper cars.

    I am addicted to my Berry something fierce, but I can wait until I stop my car to read a message or reply to one. I saw a woman texting on her phone and then hit the car in front of her who had stopped at a red light. My text messages aren’t worth my insurance deductable. lol

  3. I think Jerry seinfeld said it best with the helmet law. Its in place to protect the heads that are too stupid to protect themselves…

  4. How about putting on Make-up and driving? Can’t they ban that too!?!

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