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Barry 0.14 Released – Bugfix & Maintenance Release

With the pitiful effort that RIM has put into Mac support I applaud the Barry team for paving their own way with Linux support for their Berrys. Josep let me know that Barry has released version 0.14 which fixes a couple of bugs that had come up. This is totally still a work in progress but it is amazing how far they have come.

Main features in this release:

  • memory exhaustion bug fixed in opensync plugin
  • documentation updates, including pre-built doxygen output in source tar
  • new field support: Birthday, Location, Description, Anniversary
  • new TMobile US ppp script
  • fixed error message in breset
  • binary packages now have proper names (libbarry0)
  • backup GUI can now reference multiple devices by name instead of PIN

Check out the full changelog and release notes at this link or you can download the latest version at this link.

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  1. I am a new Ubuntu user. I have installed a few programs manually via terminal already, but how do I install this? Any help please, thanks!

  2. Have you tried ‘apt-get install barry’? If you can’t get a package for Ubuntu, then you’ll have to compile Barry. That’s what I did. It’s standard compilation procedure: unpack the file, cd to its directory then run ./configure then make then make install. Check the README file, the instructions are there.

  3. Thanks Luciano. My main concern was not knowing which of the 12 or so files I need. Usually there is just one .gz or .tar or something to deal with.

  4. Note that you don’t have to run ‘make install’ if you don’t want to – because it’s not an Ubuntu package therefore it’s harder to uninstall. You can just run ./configure, make then run Barry from that source build directory. Then you could run /path/to/barry/source/directory/Barry at startup, although I don’t know how to do that in Ubuntu.

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