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SanDisk SlotMusic – Selling Music On MicroSD Cards?

smmicrosd I am not sure who is responsible for this current pipe dream but it is just doomed to failure. They are essentially going to be selling MicroSD cards with an album on it. They managed to convince MI Music, SONY BMG, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group that this backwards approach is a good idea. On top of that BestBuy and Walmart will be carrying these music cards. Have these guys never heard of music downloads?

So far the details are slim but there are a few upsides. The music will be encoded in 320kbps MP3 files on a 1GB MicroSD card and they will be DRM free. This just seems to be a way for SanDisk to get rid of some useless 1GB MicroSD cards due to the dropping prices of higher capacity cards. This card will also come with a small USB sleeve adapter to connect it to your computer.

You can check out the press release at this link if you really want but expect this to flop at launch.

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  1. I think this would be a good idea they are smaller than cds and they don’t ware out or scratch. Now all that needs to be done put a micro slot on a dvd player’s, stereo’s, home entertainment centers & etc. Ronen Halevy is most likely right it is doomed to fail decides it to dam hard to keep changing cards on a BB and what if you have other stuff stored on your card. But anyway cool idea but bla bla bla.

  2. I don’t think it’s such a stupid idea. Sounds like buying a CD to me, only in a more “modern” packaging that could actually seduce some people. Also, have you bought music from online stores? The iTunes seems to work well, but all the others are complicated and encumbered with DRM or other incompatibility issues. I have given up on half a dozen of them.
    Also I think this idea is good for brick and mortar stores, not online shopping. You’re walking by, see something you like, buy the music, insert it in your device and, heck, you might even just copy everything over and throw the card away like candy wrap.
    Hey, you should see the Fun Station vending machines that a Brazilian company has created and will be spreading around soon:
    I took those pictures myself. The machine is great. It transferred 6 songs to my Berry in 5 seconds via USB. Then I went home listening to something new. Instant joy.

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